Space glass by satoshi tomizu

by Cristian I

space glass ball

Encased Solar Systems with Flowers Create Out of This World Art

It has been five years since Satoshi Tomizu won an Atelier Nova Design Award for the small glass art spheres he sculpted.

His work also appeared at the Handmade in Japan Festival.

Although any glassblower can create an artful sphere, Tomizu takes the concept to an entirely different level.

He incorporates opals, colored glass trails, and real gold flecks to simulate what a solar system might look like from an aerial view.

The pieces are small enough that you could turn each sphere into an individual pendant to wear.

art glass sphere

Satoshi Tomizu got started on his artistic journey relatively late in life.

It wasn’t until the age of 28 when he began to experiment with what heat-resistant glass could create.

Tomizu has videos online that show off his specific techniques for creating the glass spheres.

Watching the materials energetically spin with the unique imprints he makes is as mesmerizing as the work itself.

If you love innovative glasswork, you’ll want to watch his techniques to appreciate the care and precision that goes into each sphere.

space glass pendants

If you want to support an artist during the pandemic economy, you’re supporting creativity and beauty while getting something fantastic in return.

You’ll quickly discover that it is almost impossible to find Tomizu’s artwork for sale.

Whenever his online store gets restocked, the inventory is gone almost immediately.

Although his galaxies and solar systems are immensely popular, one should not overlook the power of Tomizu’s “flowers” captured in a pendant.

He uses colored glass, air bubbles, and his unique techniques to create stunning swirls that feel hypnotic.

As with the space pieces, the flowers are the size for wearing as a pendant.

Tomizu includes a small “hook” in the glass to let you run a chain through it right away.

Tomizu also creates jellyfish-themed pendants that sell out as quickly as his other work.

More off his work can be found on his Facebook and on his website.

Space Ball Planet
Space Ball Planet
Space Ball Planet 2
Space Ball Planet 2
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Glass Spheres of Planets
Solar System
Solar System
Flower Glass
Flower Glass



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