From Broken Glass To Fantastic Artwork

by Cristian I

The hammer Brush

He used a hammer as his paintbrush, and his canvas was a glass pane for a storefront.

Berger has a reputation for using non-traditional items for his artwork, including old automotive parts.

Breaking a perfectly good glass pane to create a realistic image takes the idea of art to the next level.

How He Created a Face from Broken Glass

Berger took a photograph of a model that he wanted to recreate on the glass.

Then he outlined the face on the glass.

Once the shape of the face was in place, Berger marked the spots to break so that he could avoid creating cracks in unwanted spots.

The best glass is the kind that doesn’t break instantly when hit.

Berger used his hammer lightly to start producing a realistic motif.

Then warning tape stands in front of the finished artwork to prevent vandalism.

Berger says that when artists have technical skills, then it is easier to present a specific idea to the public.

He did just that with a hammer and a chisel.

Broken Glass Portrait
Broken Glass Portrait

What Is It Like to Work with Broken Glass?

Berger describes the creative process with a glass pane as being similar to sculpting.

There are only two differences.

The artist must be more precise, and the work is more dangerous.

Carving an image out of a flat glass pane that’s long and thick is not an easy process.

Even if the image is correctly marked on the installation, the cracks that a hammer and chisel create are unpredictable.

There is also the threat of going all of the way through the glass pane.

This risk is present even when using tempered glass to create this artwork.

Berger says that he must be innovative and meticulous in creating the desired result.

He suggests that glass offers a lot of untapped potential as a medium for art.

He also says that his technique to create images is one of the most unique in the entire world.

You can see his artistic expressions on public display at Artstubli in Basel, Switzerland.

Broken glass art
Broken glass art
Street View
Street View
Store window art
Store window art
Street glasswork art
Street glasswork art



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