Photo Shot of Exploding a $2 Million Car

by Cristian I

A 2-Year Photograph with a $2 Million Vehicle

Fabian Oefner created a unique piece of art in 2014 when he released a project called “Disintegrating 5.”

His previous work created photos of exploding vehicles using small-scale models.

Oefner’s latest work goes to a different level.

He got his hands on a 1972 Lamborghini Miura SV.

Over the next two years, he would photograph every part in the vehicle.

Then he stitched all of the images together to create one photograph that shows the $2 million vehicle exploding.

There were more than 1,500 individual images that were eventually weaved into the final composite photo.

Working with a Real Car Was Complicated

Oefner says that working on small scale models in his studio was a quiet, soothing process.

Working on a real car became more complex.

There was constant noise in the workshop while his team worked on this project.

During the summer months, the temperatures inside could exceed 40°C at times.

There was the smell of gasoline in the air.

Oefner says that the experience created a tangible, authentic product at the end of the project.

When he sees the final composite, everything comes back to him.

The detail in the image is profound.

You can see the teeth of every gear.

Wiring seems to lead to nowhere, but it also seems to make sense.

The Lamborghini didn’t get taken apart to complete this project.

Oefner’s team got to take part in the restoration process for the vehicle.

He took photographs of each piece before it got put into its correct place.

The Project
The Project

Creating a Name for Himself

Because of his unique approach, Oefner has had the opportunity to speak at a TEDx event about his work.

His images have been featured in the United States, the United Kingdom, and in Germany.

Oefner has had exhibits throughout Europe as well, including Poland, France, and Switzerland.

The color and composition of his work make it identifiable instantly.

He has also worked with Asics shoes to promote their brand.

His ability to harness scientific properties while bringing attention to the natural world makes Oefner’s approach to art genuinely unique.

Creating a 2-year photograph from a $2 million car is undoubtedly ambitious.

It is also a very memorable project. You can catch up with his latest work on Instagram.

Oefner - DisintegratingX Miura
Oefner – DisintegratingX Miura
Fabian Oefner Working
Fabian Oefner Working
CloseUp Disintegrating Lamborghini
CloseUp Disintegrating Car
CloseUp of Disintegrating Lamborghini 3
CloseUp of Disintegrating Car 3
CloseUp Disintegrating Lamborghini 2
CloseUp Disintegrating Car 2
Final Result
Final Result



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