Shoes Sculptures made from Kitchen Items

by Cristian I

Shoes sculptures

These sculptures are incredibly intricate for their size, with stainless steel sometimes gleaming in the sun.

Her work has traveled the world, having public and private showings in galleries from Paris to South Korea.

For Vasconcelos, the creation of a shoe is more than a reflection or interpretation of footwear.

She also makes a comment about the way human societies have often formed gender roles for women.

Vasconcelos Has Exhibited for Over 20 Years

The creative process that Vasconcelos follows is based on subversion, decontextualization, and appropriation.

Her focus is on the use of everyday realities and pre-existing objects to create installations and sculptures that speak of mastery and scale.

It’s a combination of the familiar and the exciting all rolled into one package.

Her vision speaks of a collective identity and the roles that women sometimes struggle to find at home.

Traditional values might say that a woman’s place belongs in the kitchen, while the modern approach might say that her role is more of a working caregiver.

Since many women find themselves torn between the two realities, the goal of Vasconcelos’ work is to continue the discussions we have about identity.

It’s a fusion of popular culture with an erudite culture that renovates the frequent changes of signification.

Her Work is Found All Over the World

You can find the artwork of Joana Vasconcelos featured all over the world, including in museums, public collections, and private holdings.

She also has solo projects or exhibitions on display in the United Kingdom, Boston, Porto, and Tel Aviv.

Several of her pieces have been featured in books over the years as well.

Some of the publications have been produced by familiar names like the Royal Academy of Arts, Thames and Hudson, and Gestalten.

Her work became internationally known after participating in the 51st Venice Biennale in 2005 with her piece called “The Bride.”

You can discover more about Joana Vasconcelos and her incredible vision by visiting her website at



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