The Large-Scale Colony Installation of Christopher Langton

by Cristian I

space colonization

The entire installation was a reflection of space colonization and science-fiction fantasies.

Langton imagines cities in space surrounded by meteorites, asteroids, and other celestial bodies.

Then there are the real-life elements of life that include fungi, bacteria, and viruses.

The work created a hyper-real manifestation of the artist’s recent physical experiences.

He has fought infections and life-threatening diseases.

Now his two-year effort to bring that part of his life to reality has concluded with resounding success.

Langton Creates Installation Art and Pop Sculptures

Langton bases his work in Melbourne, which is where he featured The Colony.

He was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1954. He then migrated to Australia in 1973.

His foundation of knowledge came from his studies at the Victorian College of Arts.

Langton earned a graduate degree there.

Now he receives representation through galleries around the world.

Langton’s work makes you feel good in an unusual way.

His work creates an aura of uncertainty to a certain extent.

There are bright colors and playful themes included in his art.

There is also the ability to breathe life in works that you may not want to think of as a living creature.

His large-scale installations like The Colony receive great acclaim, with his work featured at the Monash Gallery of Art, the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, and the Bendigo Art Gallery.

39 Sculptures Were Part of The Colony

The show may have ended on September 21, 2019, but the 39 individual sculptures continue to live on in memory and on Instagram.

Langton spent hours meticulously designing each piece.

Many of the sculptures in The Colony feature 3D printing techniques and hand painting to bring them to life.

Names like Izar, Lassa, and Thuban are part of the exhibit.

There is also a self-portrait that was part of this installation.

He created a mechanoid as a biped using polyester.

Then Langton used a coat of acrylic paint to finish off the piece.

If you want to learn more about Christopher Langton and his work, then you can connect with him through Tolarno Galleries via their website.

Zoom on The Colony
Zoom on The Colony
The Extraterrestrial Colony
The Extraterrestrial Colony
The Alien
The Alien
Exploring The Colony
Exploring The Colony
Christopher sculpture artwork
Christopher sculpture artwork
Alien Life
Alien Life



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