Teeth Shoes – Apex Predator by Fantich&Young

by Cristian I


A food chain is a sequence of events in an ecosystem, where one organism eats another.

Then it is eaten by another and so on.

But where is this ending?

Well, the ending is at the apex predator species, detritivores, or decomposer species.

Predator Shoes are built using 1050 teeth dentures

And they come in Size UK15.

The artist used for this a pair of black Savile Row by Barker oxfords.

If you ever felt that you are The Predator or the Halloween is closing by and you really don’t have a good looking pair of shoes then we certainly have something that will spook up the fellows.

Several gold caps are added here and there to give them a more classy look.

“The idea for the shoes are based on Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution and natural selection and juxtaposing them with the supernatural elements of pagan rites and rituals,” the designers say.

If you didn’t bite your tongue yet the artwork can be found on Fantich&Young website and you can check there for more info.

P.S. I’ve heard they have also a matching suit from human hair and glass eyes.

So if you really want people to back away slowly from you in Starbucks then I guess you already know what to wear next.

apex predator teeth shoes
apex predator teeth footwear
apex predator teeth shoes 2
apex predator teeth footwear with gold caps
"Apex Predator" shoes
“Apex Predator” footwear from above
Apex Predator. Oxfords Shoes. 2010
Apex Predator. Oxfords Shoes. 2010
Apex Predator. Oxfords Shoes. 2010
The style of Apex Predator. Oxfords Shoes. 2010



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