Sam Alden Illustrations

by Cristian I

Alden’s comics

His television credits include titles like Summer Camp Island and Adventure Time.

You might also recognize Alden’s comics, such as Lydian and Haunter, It Never Happened Again, and New Construction.

Alden’s views on being an illustrator are relatively straightforward.

He says that the goal of each piece is to create an emotional atmosphere.

The only way to do that is to create an immersive environment for the reader or view to enjoy.

Deciding on the colors and light quality of each illustration often feels more important to that goal than the contents of the depicted scene.

Alden’s illustrations have been in numerous magazines, including Slate, Cicada, and Urban Outfitters.

He’s also been featured in The New York Times.

If you’re lucky enough to have had Alden as an instructor, you may have caught him at Rutgers, The Animation Workshop, or the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

Sam Alden - Dog walk
Sam Alden – Dog walk

Viewing Alden’s Work

Many illustrators use digital tools to create seamless transitions, bold colors, and comfortable access to file distribution.

When you see Alden’s work, it is more of the traditional approach.

You can see imperfect lines throughout his pieces.

It’s a feature that recalls the times when we’d color as children to fill time, sitting at the kitchen table with the family.

Alden leaves white spots in some of his colors, showing the element of artistic creation by seeing where he created strokes with his supplies.

Each piece attempts to tell a story in its own way.

A horse stands underneath a ceiling fan in one notable example while a portable lantern sits on the shelf nearby.

It’s a unique play in lighting that shows off some rustic qualities while also generating an emotional response.

Why is the horse alone?

What are the feelings going through that animal’s mind at the moment?

If you’d like to reach out, you can reach the artist at his Website or Instagram.

Sam Alden - Care for a drink
Sam Alden – Care for a drink
Sam Alden - It's time
Sam Alden – It’s time
Sam Alden - Relaxing
Sam Alden – Relaxing
Sam Alden - The Pool
Sam Alden – The Pool
Sam Alden - Space for Rent
Sam Alden – Space for Rent
Sam Alden - Indoor Horse
Sam Alden – Indoor Horse
Sam Alden - The Sailor
Sam Alden – The Sailor
Sam Alden - Reality
Sam Alden – Reality
Sam Alden - Outside
Sam Alden – Outside



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