Big Blanket

by Cristian I

The Enormous Blanket

That means you’ve got plenty of room for the entire family to get together to stay warm.

It also ensures that your feet aren’t going to stick out of the ends of the blanket to make you feel cold once again.

Why did the Big Blanket Company make such a massive product?

They say that their product came about after noticing that families were pulling out three blankets just to sit together on the couch.

Since none of the standard products could adequately cover two people, much less three or more, they decided to create something that would work for a family of almost any size.

Big blanket 2
Big blanket Co product

A Big Blanket that Cares for Everyone with Style

You can purchase the big blanket in a variety of styles and colors so that it matches the interior design concepts of your home.

It’s made with an incredibly soft material that’s a bit stretchy thanks to the 5% spandex that it uses.

The rest of the product is composed of polyester.

This combination creates a temperature-regulating blanket that’s machine washable and easy to care for throughout the year.

It weighs 11 pounds, which means it isn’t overly problematic for one person to use it.

The Big Blanket Company also provides a woven version for those who prefer something a little different.

If you like the idea of a large weighted blanket, then an XL version with a removable insert is something to try.

With this product at home, there won’t be any more tugs-of-war or complaints about who gets to have the best blanket.

There’s enough room for the family, a couple of friends, the cat, the dog, and even your neighbors.

Everyone fits!

You can find out more information about this product by visiting the company’s website.

The Original Stretch™ blanket retails for $149, but you may qualify to pay in four interest-free installments using AfterPay.

Big Blanket Co: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Relaxing with a big blanket
Relaxing with a big blanket
A Big Blanket Co
A Big Blanket Co
Even fits for two sumo fighters
Even fits for two sumo fighters
For everyone
For everyone
Chatting with Friends
Chatting with Friends
Working from home in Bed
Working from home in Bed



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