Mr. Doodle Art

by Cristian I

Obsessive-Compulsive Drawing

Sam Cox, also known by his artistic identity as “Mr. Doodle”, was born in Kent, England in 1994.

He describes himself as a man suffering from OCD.

It was sad the first time I’ve read it but it doesn’t really mean Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

Doodle describe his passion for his artwork and claims he has in fact Obsessive-Compulsive Drawing 🙂

The Pink Doodles

The Doodle Story

His story began in his very childhood when, inspired by video games and the cartoons at that time, started to make his first drawings.

Afterward, the doodles started to appear also on his school books, his bedroom, and anywhere his crayons could leave a mark.

As time rolled his passion transformed into a full-time career quickly building his own unique style and work with famous brands as MTV, Adidas, or Puma.

Imagine doodles on apparel? Sam does!

Seeing his artwork confirmed that this guy can “Do the Doodle” on almost anything he put his hands on as walls, rooms, furniture, vehicles, etc.

And the details are simply impressing seizing the eye’s attention immediately.

All he needs to complete his doodles is just a marker and his “spaghetti graffiti” style will immediately start covering all the gaps in his objects.

His style and vision of the world created a new culture as he named it the DoodleLand.

Most of the time his markers are creating beautiful dense art in black and white only.

If you look through the distance you will only see dense mazes but if you look closer you will find a whole new world of characters and stories.

Room full of Doodles
Room full of Doodles

Doodle Art?

Critics however said that Mr. Doodle’s graffiti was not that good to be considered a type of art.

In 2019 those critics are about to eat their tongs because the world-known auction – Sotheby’s the Doodle man has sold out all his 52 pieces.

He even hit a personal record of selling a 4-meter Painting with the price of US$1.02m at the Tokyo Chuo Auction.

This is the one:

Anyway, I like his idea of creating his own doodle costumes which in no way you can pass by and not capture your attention.

Mr. Doodle says:

“A lot of art is lacking a sense of humor. It’s a fun thing to be able to draw and create your own world and sometimes it’s funny. I’m not afraid of people laughing at me or if they don’t get it.”

Mr. Doodle online at: Website | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

Doodles with Red
Doodles with Red
Doodles with Green
Doodles with Green
The Exhibition
The Exhibition
Artwork on Vehicles
Artwork on Vehicles
Doodle Space
Doodle Space




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