Chameleon Crayons – The Colors of Your Artwork

by Cristian I

Next Level Drawings

When you have Chameleon Pens to use, then you can integrate your creativity into any project

Most markers provide a water-based foundation for your coloration efforts.

That’s why the ink can easily smear if you rub against it before drying occurs.

When you use an alcohol-based marker, then the pigment can dry faster because the fluid evaporates more efficiently than water.

That means you’re left with vibrant hues, seamless blending, and a new ability to layer colors like never before.

15 Pens Set
Chameleon Pens Set
Chameleon Pens Set
Chameleon Pens Tons
Chameleon Pens Tons

You Can Use Chameleon Pens on Anything

Chameleon Pens allow you to place permanent colors on a diverse set of surfaces.

These markers are suitable for use on plastics, ceramics, fabric, or wood.

That means you’re no longer limited to using paper when you feel like being creative.

What makes this product so unique is the addition of a mixing chamber within the marker.

If you infuse the nib of a Chameleon Pen into it, then you’ll receive a stunning set of color gradations with each stroke.

That’s why it is possible to achieve color like no other when using this product.

They’re even refillable, which means you can save time and money when managing your art supplies.

If you ever consider drawing check out our best colored pencils guide.

Colorless Blending Solutions Are Available

The mixing chamber provides an art medium colorless blending solution for your Chameleon Pens.

This technique creates an endless list of possibilities for you to create color gradients for your work.

That means you can now use one pen to complete the work of many.

It’s a simple way to add shadows and highlights to any drawing with a smooth consistency.

You’ll see an immediate improvement in the dimension of your work!

You can currently choose from 52 different colors to ensure that your creativity gets expressed appropriately.

Then you can add layering to create many additional tones.

If you use a slight touch, then feathering techniques are simple to apply.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the artist in your family (even if that person is you), then consider Chameleon Pens.

This product lets your imagination run wild!

You can check product page on Facebook.

Chameleon Mandala
Chameleon Mandala
Superb drawing
Superb drawing
Eye Of The Tiger
Eye Of The Tiger



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