Creating masks from the pieces of driftwood

by Cristian I

The Driftwood Portraits

Bub lives near the beach in Victoria, British Columbia.

She noticed that there was plenty of driftwood that would come in with the tides.

Each piece tells a story with its unique contours.

That’s when she decided that combining those stories could help to create new ones.

Now she creates masks from the pieces of driftwood that she finds.

Each expression tells of an emotion to which all of us can relate at some point.

That’s why her work often feels familiar, even if you haven’t seen it before.


Her Art Is an Expression of Her Life

Bub works as a database programmer and science writer.

She sees her driftwood sculptures fitting in with those efforts because her life is about putting together things that seem dissimilar.

She also puts together illustrations for science-based graphic novels that she produces with her husband.

It allows people to understand the concepts of quantum mechanics because it is in a language that everyone understands.

It is the same process with the driftwood.

Each piece she creates is about twice the size of an actual human face.

Everyone has a creative spirit inside of them.

Bub teaches us that sometimes we need to step away from what we’re doing so that we can embrace those ideas too.

End Of The Drought
End Of The Drought

Talent Isn’t Always Totally Random

If you measure two entangled particles separately, then the outcome is totally random.

When you compare the results, the particles seem to influence each other from a distance that can be light-years apart.

It is scientific concepts like these that Bub illustrates with her husband in a “serious comic” that describes quantum entanglement.

This idea has led some of the greatest philosophers in human history to debate why it is important to let go and hold on at the same time.

Art comes in many different forms.

Some artists have the opportunity to create in multiple mediums with success.

Tanya Bub definitely fits into that category with her driftwood work, illustrations, and writing.

You can find numerous examples of Bub’s work through her MyPortfolio page if you’re interested in her art.

Arabella Bewitched
Arabella Bewitched
The Mask
The Mask
Laughing Medusa



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