Amazing Insects and Animals Made From Thread and Metal Embroidery

by Cristian I

metallic masterpieces

For artist Laura Baverstock, she can’t picture herself doing anything else.

You will find her using metallic and colored thread to weave unquestionable masterpieces.

She creates everything from lions to bees, rendering unique textures for each animal she creates.

Some of her work can be seen on TV and in movies too.

Her embroidery work for the pieces in Mary Queen of Scots earned an Oscar nomination for the costume designer with the project.

You can also see her work on HBO and in the movie Murder on the Orient Express.

Metal Bee Craft
Metal Bee Craft

Baverstock Seeks to Push the Boundaries of Her Art

Needlework provides a universal appeal because of how versatile it is as an art form.

There are a variety of techniques that artists can use to establish a personal identity in this area.

Baverstock says that she challenges herself every day to push the boundaries of her approach.

She focuses on three-dimensional hand embroidery.

Then she includes precious metals work while sticking to themes of realism and nature.

Her custom pieces and embellished designs feature robust shapes and silhouettes that contrast against the refined details she creates.

Her inspiration comes from photographs and illustrative works.

Baverstock’s background with an undergraduate degree in hand embroidery for fashion, interiors, and textile art form also helped to shape her unique technique.

Laura's Magic Tools
Laura’s Magic Tools

She Is a Trade Freeman for Gold and Silver Wire

Baverstock’s commission pieces have international attention because of the particular approach she takes.

She was awarded membership into the Worshipful Company of Gold and Silver Wyre Drawers in 2016.

Her gold work is particularly impressive, incorporating traditional shapes and lettering with her emphasis on animals to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

The Beehive Gallery on her website offers an impressive display of her skill too.

She can even embroider bees and other figures on wallets, handbags, and a variety of different materials.

Baverstock has also received several awards for her creativity, including the Knights of the Round Table Award for her outstanding ability in embroidery.

Her next piece for the entertainment industry comes from Amazon Studios with The Aeronauts.

She served as the textile artist and costume embroiderer for the production.

Explore more of Baverstock’s complex embroidery work on her website and Instagram.

Gold Embroidery Lion
Lion Embroidery - The Level of Detail
Lion Embroidery – The Level of Detail
Butterfly Embroidery
Colorful bee
Colorful bee
Queen Bee Embroidery
Queen Bee Embroidery
Octopus Embroidery
Octopus Embroidery



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