Embroidered on Tulle Figures by Katerina Marchenko

by Cristian I

The Technique

This approach works for her because of the emphasis she places on technique and aesthetics.

Marchenko has only been in the world of embroidery art since 2016 when a sewing course she took in her native Moscow inspired her to create a tulle blouse.

Then she took a full embroidery class in Paris to begin perfecting her techniques.

Each Piece is a Framed Embroidered Painting

Because Marchenko embroiders on tulle instead of the standard materials, there is a higher degree of layering and dimension found with her work.

The transparency of the material creates a unique medium where the image seems to stand on its own within the frame.

Whether she is working on a peacock or an angel in flight, each figure seems to stand out on its own.

Marchenko says that each effort is a labor of love.

She feels that embroidery is her form of meditation, allowing her to gather thoughts or release challenging emotions.

You can also start learning her specific technique if you wish by taking advantage of her online embroidery courses.

Each lesson takes you through the various steps necessary to create the various figures or shapes that Marchenko includes in her artwork.

You can connect with Marchenko on Instagram or check out her website and online store, where free shipping is available anywhere in the world.

Embroidered On Tulle Eye
Embroidered On Tulle Eye
Embroidered On Tulle Angel
Embroidered On Tulle Angel
Embroidered On Tulle
Embroidered On Tulle
Embroidered On Tulle Butterflies
Embroidered Butterflies
Embroidered On Tulle Birds
Embroidered On Tulle Pheasant
Embroidered On Tulle Bird
Embroidered Bird
Embroidered On Tulle Fish
Embroidered Fish



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