Handmade Snorlax Giant Beanbag Chair

by Cristian I

Handmade Monster

This pocket monster might have a giant belly and be famous for falling asleep in the worst places possible, but he is also a supportive soul.

Knot Again by Amina created a real-life way to help you get your snuggles in with a six-foot Snorlax that offers a cozy midsection that’s perfect for relaxing.

It Took Several Months to Complete the Snorlax Project

Amina used shredded foam stuffing and blanket yarn to produce an incredible replication of Snorlax.

Achieving the likeness in a real-life way was an enormous undertaking for the artist.

She said that it took her several months to complete the work on it, and that time doesn’t include what she needed to use for planning.

It was a rewarding experience because the Snorlax project tested her in ways that other creative endeavors couldn’t touch.

Amina felt like it pushed her beyond the last efforts so that she could bring joy to others while enjoying the chance to make a handmade Pokémon.

Every detail on this big fellow is spot-on.

He’s so big that he’ll take up an entire corner of your living room, but it is worth the investment because that belly makes for such a comfortable chair!

It’s the Perfect Size for Kids

Although adults can curl up in the belly if they want, it is kids who can maximize their fun with the handmade Snorlax.

Multiple children can fit on the tummy if they wish to create imaginative experiences, play video games, or watch television with the family.

The arms, feet, and sleepy smile are all present in the final piece, which is perfect for any Pokémon fan.

What’s her next Pokémon project going to be? Amina says she hopes to complete a massive Totoro!

Amina’s Etsy store may no longer be available, but the pictures of her fun Snorlax will live on in infamy.

This big fellow with a comfy tummy retailed at more than $3,500.




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