50 Easy Drawing Ideas For Beginners

by Cristian I

Drawing is one of the first ways that we all embrace our creative energy. Whether you’re doodling in school or wasting time during a boring work meeting, we often turn spare areas of paper into a portable sketchbook.

Easy Drawing Ideas to Fuel Your Creativity

Most people let their creative energy stay in the doodling world. Even if the art is fun and attractive, many individuals lack the confidence to promote their work. By thinking of it more as a hobby, there’s a backdoor available if failure arrives.

The truth about drawing is that the only person who needs to like it is you. Since most artists are also their harshest critics, that task is easier said than done! You’ll discover that even a bad day can feel immensely satisfying when you can take the time to embrace your creative side.

How Can I Start Drawing?

Here are a few tips for beginners to consider if you’re looking for some good drawing ideas to get things started.

  • Trace objects that you like to copy their lines. This process can help teach you how to manage proportions while creating manageable boundaries.
  • Add some imagination to your traced figure so that you can turn the piece into something that feels more like your own work.
  • Use structural components, such as squares, circles, and lines, to get to know the referencing aspects of what you want to draw.
  • Use gestures to sketch simple representations and lines.
  • Apply visual stimulation by drawing different curves and lines until something appears.

The Best Drawing Ideas to Help Kickstart Your Creativity

If you’re ready to start drawing, here are some ideas that you can implement to get your creative juices flowing!

1. Draw at the right time each day.

Some people embrace the daily grind of drawing during October and don’t try anything the rest of the year. If you want to see your work get better, set a specific time in your schedule and don’t skip those sessions. It’ll take about a week for everything to feel like it is part of your usual routine.

2. Try using different media.

Drawing is a lot of fun when you’ve got a pencil. You can also try using pens, markers, pastels, charcoal, or Crayons to create something. Why not try an experiment by mixing different media together to see what you like to do?

3. Play with your lighting.

After you draw the primary shapes in your picture, consider making different changes to your lighting perspectives. You could be outside during other times to see how the sun casts shadows, delivering more realism and 3D qualities to your final work.

4. Use the 360-degree methodology.

When you want to practice your perspective while drawing, use this method as a practice session. Once you’ve produced the outline of an object, turn it slightly to the right. Now create the framework again, continuing to repeat the process until you achieve the results you want.

5. Copy the masters.

Try to draw a painting from one of your favorite artists in history. You can look up most pieces online to use as a reference. If you have a local art museum, consider taking your sketchbook down there one afternoon to do the work in person.

6. Tap into your memory.

Try to sketch at least four scenes that you treasure from your memory. It could be your wedding day, a fun vacation, or even a moment where you felt like you were on top of the world. Play with the perspectives until you create something new.

7. Turn everything upside-down.

Think about the landscape you see in front of you right now. Once you have that picture in your mind, leave the room or area. As you start drawing, turn everything you saw upside-down so that you see it in reverse.

8. Try using different techniques with your work.

You can try doing shading in several different ways with your drawing. Although hatching is a popular method, you could always give cross-hatching a try. Stippling is another fun way to add more dimension to your pictures.

9. Draw the view outside your window.

When you sketch what you see outside your home, it creates a unique connection with your property and neighborhood. You can add a few clouds, perhaps a car that passes by, or the kids playing in the front yard.

10. What is in the rearview mirror?

Think back to the last time you took a drive. What do you remember about the view from your mirrors? Once you have that image in your mind, put what you see onto paper. As you play with the perspective, think about the different bridges, buildings, and vehicles that were there.

11. Personalize an object.

You can draw whatever object comes to mind. It could be a television, a computer monitor, or a coffee mug. Once you have its shape on the paper, give the item a face. You can continue adding elements so that it feels like an actual character.

12. Create an alternative cover.

Try pulling out your favorite CD, vinyl record, or book. Instead of staying satisfied with what you see for the cover art, put something else together. It helps to incorporate different elements from the story or music into the piece to make it feel more personalized.

13. Draw your favorite letters.

You could create a typeface that works for the fonts in your future drawings when you need an idea to fuel your creativity. Be as wild and as crazy as you want to be with this effort, although the letters should be recognizable to the average reader.

14. Create a sandcastle.

Although you could build a sandcastle if there’s a beach nearby, it’s less messy to draw one at home. Why not add a couple of towers, a giant drawbridge, or a dangerous moat for added authenticity?

15. Draw your favorite instrument.

What instrument do you like to play? Is there one that you’ve always wanted to learn? Whether your answer is the trombone or a ukulele, you’ll find that drawing one with the appropriate shading is much more challenging than you might realize.

16. Pick your favorite food.

One of the best foods to try to draw is a strawberry. Not only does it have a fun shape, but it is also amazingly complex. Between the seeds on the skin to the ruffled green top it wears, you’ll get a lot of practice with a close-up sketch.

17. Illustrate your favorite fairy tale.

What was your favorite children’s story growing up? Although most fairy tales have already received the illustrative treatment, that doesn’t mean you can’t put a unique twist on the fable. Let your creativity flow to see what becomes possible!

18. Invent an animal.

You can create whatever animal you want with your imagination. If you like giraffes and antelopes, why not turn that love into a “giraffalope?” Your creativity can even invent something from scratch, such as an undiscovered insect.

19. Create intricate flowers.

Flower blooms are incredibly complex. You can replicate their patterned beauty with your drawing by adding in the various shapes your imagination envisions. Once you’ve created one stem, keep going until you have an entire bouquet to enjoy.

20. Draw your truth.

We live in a world that often feels like it is upside-down. Many people think that what was once wrong is now something to be celebrated. If you spend some time drawing your truth, you can tap into the authentic self while staying connected to the imagination.

21. Pick your favorite candy.

Are you craving something sweet right now? Instead of giving in to the temptation to have a sugary snack, try drawing it! You could try a Tootsie roll, a lollipop, or whatever other items you love.

22. Turn your hand into a turkey.

Although this trick is a fun project for toddlers, you can make it an adult project by adding more details. If you want, try to disguise the turkey so that it can try to escape the Thanksgiving meal.

23. Draw a Ferris wheel.

The unique shape of a Ferris wheel makes it a fun drawing project. Since you’ll draw a circular frame first, this idea helps you practice your technique and straight lines. Add the rails, seats, lights, and more to complete the picture!

24. Tap into your dream energy.

Many people have strange and unusual dreams at night. Although it might not happen each day, there could be one particular image or incident you remember. Try to put what you see onto the drawing paper.

25. Create a new board game.

If everything you have at home feels a little stale, it might be time to invent a new board game to play. You can put everything onto one sheet of paper, tapping into your creative energy to draw out the structures, rules, and general requirements.

26. Produce a work of fiction.


It can be fun to start drawing something that is an outright lie. It doesn’t need to be anything from your life to be a fun project! You could put the Burger King logo under the McDonald’s arches for kicks and giggles.

27. Embrace your inner Zathura.

What would happen if your home was instantly transported to outer space? Instead of thinking about the scientific approach, try to pretend that your house is a rocket ship headed toward a distant destination. Think about what you would feel if you were trapped in that situation. How can you convey those emotions into your drawing?

28. Fill the page with your favorite shape.

Whether you prefer wheels, numbers, or the letter “S,” try to fill the entire page with different figures. If you want to try something more complicated, you could create robots, boats, or smiling faces instead.

29. Create a personal logo.

What do you think your life represents? When you can transform those ideas into a logo that communicates everything you need to speak to others, you’ll have something that can work in numerous locations. It could even be printed on a business card one day!

30. Divide your paper.

If you have a standard 8.5×11-inch paper to use, try folding it into six equal squares. Once you have the creases in place, add a different pattern into each block to create a fun design. You might try cross-hatching in one, using circles in another, or whatever other shapes come to mind.

31. Take on the still life in your home.

The classic still-life image is a bowl of fruit. You can attempt that drawing, but several other paths are available to follow. Think about what is stacked on your table right now. Once that image is in your mind, attempt to recreate it.

32. Replicate your closet.

One of the most exciting rooms in any home is the closet. Try to draw one of them in your house as it stands right now, whether it is in the bedroom, by your front door, or the one in the bathroom. How many details can you add to the image?

33. Zoom in to see new details.

Choose an object from around your home. It could be clothing, a cork from a wine bottle, or a bobblehead. Once you have the item selected, try to include the smallest details you see to turn it into a fun drawing.

34. Visit your local park.

When you stop by the park closest to your home, what do you see? The drawing doesn’t need to be something fancy. Even if you only have a couple of trees and a bench in that space, you can turn it into a quick sketch that works on your skills.

35. Create a hot air balloon.

When there is a hot air balloon floating in the sky, the experience can be quite mesmerizing. Not only is it colorful, but it is also a practical method of transportation in some areas. If you don’t have one to use as a reference, try pulling one off the Internet.

36. Take your selfie.

Self-portraits are a time-honored tradition in the art world. If you’re trying to tap into your creative energy, why not try your hand with this option? Even if it doesn’t turn out perfect, the chance to work on facial structures can improve your drawing.

37. Replicate a fallen leaf.

When autumn comes along, the fallen leaves are an excellent artistic prompt. You can add different lines and structures with the leaf’s unique colors to create something beautiful.

38. Try to draw a bicycle from scratch.

It’s been said that you never forget how to ride a bike once you’ve learned how to do it. Could the same be true for your drawing efforts?

39. Pick your favorite sport.

Choose something from your favorite sport to draw. It could be a soccer ball, a baseball glove, or anything that feels special to you.

40. Select a colorful tropical fish.

With hundreds of different species from which to choose, it might be hard to pick only one to draw. If you’ve got some time, why not find 3-5 different options to create an aquarium?

41. Draw a skyscraper.

Most large cities today have a building that stands at least 200 feet tall. Today, two buildings are ten times that size! Try picking one from this list to serve as your creative inspiration.

42. Create a dragon.

Although they are mythical creatures, the dragon is a unique challenge for an artist. It has aviary and reptilian characteristics to consider while incorporating a specific personality.

43. Build an old-fashioned key.

If you can draw a key, you might get to unlock the full power of your creativity! All puns aside, the unique shape of this object challenges your spatial awareness.

44. Enjoy the ordinary.

It can be fun to draw what happens with your everyday chores. You could sketch a pile of folded clothes, one of your kitchen drawers, or the pattern of fingerprint smudges on your front window.

45. Pick out a pair of old shoes.

If you have a thrift store in town, consider grabbing a pair of cheap shoes for your drawing inspiration. Once you have the outline in place, add some personal embellishments to the final piece.

46. Draw your dinner.

Before you sit down at the table to eat, quickly sketch the food you see on your plate. If you have a book to use, you could turn this practice into a nightly exercise for the entire week.

47. Let a feather tickle your nose.

A feather might seem like a simple shape at first, but you’ll find that the individual strands within it can be challenging to draw realistically.

48. Create a new t-shirt design.

You can turn a blank t-shirt into almost anything. It could offer an inspirational saying, a funny graphic, or different patterns you find enjoyable.

49. Build a new satellite.

We have thousands of satellites orbiting our planet right now. Try to picture what one of them looks like as a drawing exercise. If you’re unsure of the shape or style, several examples are available online to see.

50. Meet an alien.

With the size and scope of our universe, the possibility of alien life is almost inevitable for some people. What do you think our closest intergalactic neighbors would look like if you met them?

Are You Ready to Start Drawing Today?

As you can see from this guide, the primary methods used to create new drawings are often the most challenging ones to implement. We don’t know what we’re going to draw until something is within your vision to use.

It doesn’t matter what idea(s) from this guide you decide to use. The first step is to try something fast and simple, using it to serve as a base for more complicated lines as your structures gain definition.

Try to let these ideas serve as the first step for your inspirational journey through drawing instead of the only one. Whether you work in an official sketchbook, draw on a canvas, or doodle in a book’s margins, each image you create takes you another step closer to the place you want to be with your art.



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