Beautiful Hawthorn Mythical Sculptures from Tach Pollard

by Cristian I

the spiritual traditions

Pollard, who is based in the United Kingdom, creates his unique look by taking a blow torch to the sculpture to form a dark body that contrasts with the lightness of each peaceful face.

Drawing upon the spiritual traditions given to us by the Celtic and Inuit peoples, his work speaks of shifting shapes, time at sea, and moments of quiet.

Pollard Got His Start by Collecting Roots

Pollard says that he liked to collect roots from oak trees as a child after his family moved close to the woods.

He would grab a wheelbarrow to bring back everything found outsight before school, then clean up the pieces to create skeletal forms.

His father would then allow him to sell the items in Brighton at the family store.

After becoming an adult, he stumbled upon a pile of discarded roots.

That’s when he was inspired to begin carving them. Pollard also carves on Hawthorn now as well, which adds to the intrigue that his pieces provide.

You can find Pollard’s work on display at Pashley Manor and Gardens and the Sculpture Park in Brighton, Coco de Mer in London, and online through his Etsy store called Surfing the Grain. You can also connect with him on Instagram.

tach pollard sculptures 4
Tach Pollard’s work – “Fire Antler”
tach pollard sculptures 7
Tach Pollard’s work – “Wolven Walking”
tach pollard sculptures 6
Tach Pollard’s work – “Face Like The Sun II”
tach pollard sculptures 5
Tach Pollard’s work – “Freya”
tach pollard sculptures 3
Tach Pollard’s work – “Sea Wolven”
tach pollard sculptures 2
Tach Pollard’s work – “Wind Walker”
tach pollard sculptures 1
Tach Pollard’s work – “Mellisae Returns”
tach pollard sculptures
Tach Pollard’s work – “Owlman Rising”



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