Pierre Matter’s Sculptures – Le Souffle de Changement

by Cristian I

The Surreal Roots

The piece is on display in one of the AFA Gallery spaces at the Chateau Belcastel in France.

Welding, grinding, and laser cutting were all part of the creation process for Matter’s latest work.

The exhibition of the sculptures ends on October 2019.

The Artist Says He Loves Salvaging

Matter compares the creative work he does as a child who sees a sandcastle in a heap of sand at the beach.

Instead of seeing scrap or useless items, he sees magnificent objects.

The sculptures Matter creates often come from the various materials he finds to use.

Matter describes his childhood as being “tormented.”

He only found relief in the language of mathematics until discovering the therapeutic qualities of art.

His inspirations include Dali, Jodorowsky, Giger, and Bilal.

Over 30 years of creative development were necessary before he began to create hybrid sculptures that fuse machines with living beings.

Now his work almost entirely features how tech developed a symbiotic relationship.

Matter Takes Viewers on a Journey

Matter likes to take viewers on an exploration of his imagination with each piece.

Scraps of metal feature prominently alongside polished bronze.

The goal is to show each person what the artist’s vision of the future is during the creation process.

That is why many of his pieces are a labor-intensive process.

He often features small children, colored in pink, finding ways to interact with a technology-filled society.

Some items are quite provocative.

Matter’s sculpture called “Human Bomb” features a naked child holding a hand grenade.

The figure looks up at it with half a smile, perhaps wondering what would happen if he were to let the explosive go.

Many of his pieces are on display around the world.

Installations are in New York City, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Dubai.

There are also impressive displays in Paris, London, and Miami.

Many of the pieces he creates are made in multiples.

That means there is an opportunity to obtain some of the works on display at the AFA Gallery or around the world.

You can follow Pierre Matter and his work through his website. He also accepts commissions.

Child Bronze Sculpture
Child Interacting with Modern Society
Child Interacting with Modern Society
Le souffle de changement 4
Le souffle de changement 4
Le souffle de changement 3
Le souffle de changement 3
Le souffle de changement 2
Le souffle de changement 2
Recycled Metal Sculpture
Recycled Metal Sculpture
Le souffle de changement
Le souffle de changement
Pierre Matter Sculptures
Pierre Matter Sculptures



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