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by Diana I

Katsan works out of her studio based in Ukraine. Before getting involved with tattooing and watercolors, she worked on everything from concert posters to web design. It wasn’t until 2011 when she decided to pursue tattoo art.

Although watercolor paintings and tattoo art seem like an unlikely combination, Aleksandra Katsan has figured out how to create stunning results of watercolor tattoos merging these two loves in her life. When you see the fluidity and carefree style of her structured designs, the results are something that almost everyone would want to put on their bodies.

Boat Watercolor Tattoo
Boat Watercolor Tattoo

She uses unpredictable pigment spatters with unique brushstrokes that turn the rigid needle into something that works like watercolors. There is an exactness to her process that makes the outcome feel improvised, providing a testament to her technical prowess. Each piece feels like it is a delicate abstraction.

Although you’ll primarily see animals or nature-inspired forms in Katsan’s portfolio, it’s the essence of her various splashes and patterns that make it feel like she’s creating a masterpiece. Even when she uses a panda as a foundation, the implied textures the artist produces are genuinely unique.

Katsan’s Watercolor Tattoos Capture Fluidity

Katsan works out of her studio based in Ukraine. Before getting involved with tattooing and watercolors, she worked on everything from concert posters to web design. It wasn’t until 2011 when she decided to pursue tattoo art.

The artist says that she felt a passion for drawing on her body since she was a child. Not only is it a “great responsibility” and an “honor” to have people let her work, but she also feels that the effort is more than a simple tattoo.

After meeting her future husband, who tattooed her arm, Katsan says that she felt inspired by the outcome to take up the machine. He taught her the specific techniques to use, which she then turned into the unique style that has people raving.

Katsan specializes in the watercolor tattooing process, which she admits isn’t something that everyone loves. She describes her clients as being more on the creative spectrum, understanding what they want. That’s why her preference is to incorporate the look, even if she’s drawing a simple flower or a performing ballerina.

You’ll often find vibrant colors, usually in the pastel tone range, with the beautiful randomness of watercolor painting that makes it such an attractive medium.

Katsan still accepts appointments at her studio, but you’ll need to travel to Kyiv, Ukraine, to complete the work.

Bird Watercolor Tattoo
Bird Watercolor Tattoo

Is It Safe to Get a Tattoo in Today’s World?

About 30% of people have at least one tattoo. Although they might be more common than ever, you should still review the risks involved before booking an appointment. Even when you hire someone like Katsan to complete the work, the permanent design or mark inserts ink into the skin repeatedly.

The process is done without an anesthetic. That means you might encounter significant pain, and there is sometimes a risk of bleeding to consider.

Before you decide on getting a tattoo, you’ll want to review the five primary risks that people face when having their skin decorated in this manner.

1. Skin Infections

It is possible to get an infection from a tattoo because of the needle puncturing the skin. If the equipment goes too far, you can end up with some scarring.

2. Inflammation Problems

Some people develop inflammation areas after a tattoo because of the ink that gets inserted into the skin. This issue is called a “granuloma.” The work can also cause keloids to form, creating raised areas due to an overgrowth of scar tissue.

3. Bloodborne Diseases

Your tattoo artist should use a new needle before starting to work on your body. If the equipment is contaminated with the infected blood of another person, you can contact whatever bloodborne diseases were impacting that person’s health. Although hepatitis B and hepatitis C are the most common problems, people have contracted MRSA with this issue.

4. Allergic Reactions

Tattoo dyes are known to create allergic reactions in some people. The four most common colors to produce this problem are red, yellow, blue, and green. You can develop itchiness, redness, or a rash at the site even several years after you’ve had the work done

5. MRI Problems

Some people have had their tattoos swell or start burning when they have a magnetic resonance imaging exam performed. It’s even possible for the ink to interfere with the image quality from the procedure.

When tattoo artists like Katsun create stunning outcomes, it can be tempting to get your first or next tattoo. Think about it carefully, choose a location you like, and book an appointment with a person you trust.

Enjoy these stunning Watercolor Tattoss

Now that we know all the details let’s see some beautiful watercolor tattoos artworks.

Panda Watercolor Tattoo
Panda Tattoo
Flower Watercolor Tattoo
Flower Tattoo
Aleksandra Katsan Tattoos
Aleksandra Katsan Tattoos
Boat Watercolor Tattoo
Boat Tattoo
Ballet Watercolor Tattoo
Ballet Tattoo
Hawk Watercolor Tattoo
Hawk Tattoo
Fish Watercolor Tattoo
Fish Tattoo
Cute Fox Tattoo
Cute Fox Tattoo
Meow Cat Tattoo
Meow Cat Tattoo
Fox Watercolor Tattoo
Fox Tattoo

Credits: Aleksandra Katsan



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