Transform Your Houseplant Into a Virtual Pet

by Cristian I

Virtual Pet

When you learn to speak their language, then it is easier to understand when they need water, fertilizer, or sunlight.

If you don’t have a green thumb, then understanding the language of houseplants can be challenging.

Vivien Muller of Mu Design developed an innovative idea that can help everyone understand the world of houseplants better.

Her ingenious design lets you transform them into virtual pets that can communicate 15 different emotions based on the conditions the plant experiences.

It’s called the Lua Smart Planter.

How Does the Smart Planter Communicate Needs?

Once you turn your houseplant into a virtual pet, sensors within the planter trigger emotional animations on the device.

It measures the temperature, light exposure, and soil moisture to help you understand what is needed for optimal growth.

Then the Lua Smart Planter connects to an app on your preferred mobile device.

This feature gives you the capability of customizing the virtual houseplant pet based on its species, size, and other settings.

Once you complete that process, then the electronics take over to transform your houseplant into another member of the family.

What Is It Like to Live with a Virtual Houseplant Pet?

The Lua Smart Planter offers six animations that have a direct correlation to plant health.

If there isn’t enough light available in the room, then a vampire appears on the device.

Your virtual pet can catch a cold, experience a fever, or tell you when it’s thirsty.

It can even go to sleep, only waking up when the device detects movement.

Muller also designed it to follow objects with its eyes.

The initial product run got its funding on Indiegogo in 2019.

It’s currently available in two colors, and additional features may be available in the future.

If you want to give a unique gift or you love the idea of having houseplants, then no gardening experience is necessary with this product.

Your plant can tell you everything it needs because of the Lua Smart Planter!

Lüa Smart Planter: Website | Facebook | Instagram



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