Star Trek Shuttlecraft Tent Concept

by Cristian I

The Tent

One of his best concepts in the past five years is a two-person tent inspired by the shuttlecraft from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The tent looks precisely like the craft that you’d see on the show.

Its exterior design includes the thruster pods, with the entry hatch serving as the zippered door that you would use to secure your sleeping space.

When the tent is being used, then it breaks down to get carried in the nacelle that would power your outdoor adventures at warp speed.

The Enterprise Shuttlecraft Camping Tent Star Trek
The Enterprise Shuttlecraft Camping Tent Star Trek

Camping and Science Fiction Is a Natural Combination

Although some critics might contend that camping and science-fiction stories don’t mix well, Delisle says that perspective is incorrect.

Several shows and movies show the characters from Star Trek outside camping. Kirk, Spock, and McCoy even take a trip to Yosemite National Park in the fifth movie.

Numerous episodes depict characters taking rest and recreation opportunities on distant planets.

On Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, a camping trip is what led to the introduction of the Dominion storyline.

If you decide to pursue a tent that looks like a shuttlecraft, there is one piece of good news.

You don’t need to worry about the ship crashing because of some type of malfunction or an alien attack.

The tent doesn’t have the regulated life support functions of a regular shuttlecraft, so you’ll want to bring a sleeping bag for yourself or one that’s large enough to accommodate you and a partner.

Carlisle says the idea came about after trying to design a bunk bed.

The product concept came about in 2016.

Because of licensing issues and other factors, it is not currently available for sale.

The pictures published online of the idea show how popular this product could be.

“Please – please Star Trek, make this,” writes the top commenter on Dave’s website.

“I’m throwing money at my screen. Why is this not happening?”

You can discover more about Dave and his other geeky ideas by visiting his website.

The Enterprise Shuttlecraft Camping Tent Star Trek 2
The Enterprise Shuttlecraft Camping Tent Star Trek 3
The Enterprise Shuttlecraft Camping Tent Star Trek 3



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