Someone Planted a Forest in a Large Stadium

by Cristian I

300 trees

The piece, entitled “For Forest – the Unending Attraction of Nature,” receives its inspiration from the 1970 Max Peintner work called “The Unbroken Attractions of Nature.”

The idea is that in a dystopian future, groups of trees become protected like animals in a zoo because of their rarity.

It is a drawing that Littman saw over three decades ago.

He decided to bring that concept to life.

The display is available for public viewing until October 27, 2019, at the stadium.

Admission is free.

You can also follow the project on its Instagram page.

Max Peintner The Unending Attration of Nature - 1970
Max Peintner The Unending Attration of Nature – 1970

Littman Has a Love of Freelance Natural Art

There are 80 different art projects that Littmann has helped to develop over the years.

After growing up in Basel, he studied at the Dusseldorf Art Academy under the influence of Professor Joseph Beuys.

After graduating, he made a name for himself as an organizer and initiator of individual and group exhibitions.

He established himself as an international freelancer of contemporary art through these efforts.

He slowly began turning his attention to his own art exhibitions in the public theater.

Littmann has a self-declared preoccupation with everyday culture.

His love is to explore the confrontation that occurs when urban spaces and contemporary art clash over time.

One of his most unique efforts was a DIY art exhibition in Madrid.

He feels that artwork is reproducible by design.

Artists create instructions on its use or create objects which anyone can do as often as they like if they’re willing to put in the work.

Stadium Forest
Stadium Forest

Art Can Reach Anyone at Any Time

The temporary forest that brings back to life an older concept is one that creates a spectacular piece.

It is a mild warning about the potential threat of climate change while also showing that art can be a living, breathing mechanism.

All of the trees are native to Austria and Central Europe.

It may not be on the scale of Peintner’s work to plant 7,000 oak trees, but it is a start.

The installation took a total of 22 days to create.

From Above
From Above
From Above at Night Time
From Above at Night-Time
For Forest Seats View
For Forest Seats View
For Forest Project at Night
For Forest Project at Night
For Forest Details
For Forest Details
300 Trees
300 Trees



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