Slaughter to Prevail Mask Kid of Darkness

by Cristian I

If you want to look different, scary, and want to enjoy the real Halloween with true spirit our Slaughter To Prevail Mask is an ideal choice.


Perfect for masquerade parties, gifts, costumes, parties, carnival, Christmas, Easter, New Years’ Eve Party, Halloween, etc.

You will be in the center of attention for sure with this mask.

The Alex Terrible official store claim that if your item does not match the photos on the site, we will refund your money. If your goods did not come to you by mail for some reason, we will refund your money.

Usually, the masks are made within 21 days, delivery takes 10-20 days. Terms may vary slightly due to the receipt of a large volume of orders during Halloween for example.

The whole world is experiencing an epidemic of coronavirus, and therefore the number of workers has sharply decreased, and some of the borders had to be closed for a while.

Usually, it took 2-3 weeks to ship the item from Russia to another country but COVID 19 makes it really bad.

Be careful when choosing your product so that you do not buy fake ones.

You can also choose rings with the Slaughter to Prevail Mask or even medallions to make the outfit even more complete.

The Rings
The Rings

More info on the Instagram channel or artist website



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