The Scorpion Gaming Chair – The Legendary Choice!

by Cristian I

About Gaming Chairs

When you start searching for gaming chairs to use for PCs and consoles, you’ll find some relatively generic options out there to use. Most of them look like a glorified office chair, with many of them having the same features and benefits.

Why pay $400 for a gaming chair with unique color tones and stitching when a leather executive option is the same price? Doesn’t it make sense to choose comfort over style when you’re trying to beat the bad guys?

Established designers Erwan and Ronan Bouroullec took on the challenge of creating a unique gaming chair that could give plays some distinctive advantages. They made a flexible piece that cocoons to you so that you can play in multiple positions. You can affix up to three monitors to the “tail” that swings overhead while getting cozy in a seating arrangement that makes you feel comfortable.

Even the legs have pointed shapes to them to create more of that scorpion-like feeling. Although they look relatively sharp, they come with rounded ends to prevent floor damage. You can sink down, sit up, or even lie down to play your favorite games. It adjusts your monitor’s angle and distance with a controller, and you can connect curved or straight displays to it for maximum versatility.

What You Should Know About Imperator Works

The scorpion-style gaming chair comes from a manufacturing and design company called Imperator Works. It’s based in Las Vegas, NV.

The company was founded in 2014 to support the development and production of the brand’s first reclining workstation. By creating a zero-gravity environment for gamers to enjoy, it became possible to enhance individual performance without compromising on comfort.

Once you sit in one of these chairs, you’ll find that it takes less time to get more work done daily.

Several different models are available to consider. If you don’t like the idea of the scorpion legs, the IW-R1 workstation chair provides an executive-level experience for a similar price.

When you want to start working or gaming while in a tank, you can try the IW-J20 Pro gaming chair.

You will need to have some space to have the workstation or gaming center set up, which means a quick review of the specs is worthwhile.

Specs of the IW-SK Scorpion King Gaming Chair and Workstation

The IW-SK Scorpion King Gaming Chair is one of the most advanced designs of its type. It serves gamers, professionals, and anyone else who spends time in front of a monitor each day.

You’ll find that the goal of the gaming chair and workstation is to make you as comfortable as possible in any situation. That’s why the design incorporates the following specs.

Monitor Mounting Configurations: 16:9 triple monitors up to 29 inches wide. 16:9 single monitor of up to 32 inches. 21:9 single ultra-wide monitor of up to 38 inches. 32:9 single ultra-wide curved monitor of up to 49 inches. Height of up to 17 inches with centered VESA holes. Total weight support of 52.8 pounds.
Video Support: The IW-SK Scorpion King Gaming Chair offers 3x HDMI 2.0 ports to use for connectivity.
Average Monitor Distance: Users can adjust how far away their monitor sits with manual adjustments. The options range from 27 to 34 inches.
Frame Materials: The gaming chair is constructed from high-quality steel that uses powder-coated paint to produce a resilient surface.
Motor Adjustments: Users can electrically tilt the gaming chair up to 160 degrees while maintaining the monitor height and distance preferences.
Net Weight: The chair weighs approximately 418 pounds when it arrives after purchase. Once you have everything together, you’ll need a place that supports about 350 pounds of equipment.
Warranty: All users receive a two-year guarantee on the gaming chair and workstation when purchasing the item through an authorized party.

When you sit in the IW-SK scorpion chair, you’ll discover that it supports almost any computer-based activity. With the proper setup, you could even enjoy console gaming with this creative design.


What Are the Features of the IW-SK Cluvens Scorpion Computer Cockpit?

When you choose this scorpion-style gaming chair for your needs, you’ll discover that the entire experience feels luxurious. You’ll be sitting on “superior quality” PU leather made with a comfortable texture, an electrical recline that reaches 128 degrees, and even a flat setting if you prefer something closer to lying in bed.

The high-density mold-shaping foam allows you to get comfortable quickly in any position. Even if you’re not a gamer, you can use this all-in-one design as a desk to maintain your productivity. A shelf comes across your lap for typing while your PC tower tucks into a storage shelf on the side.

The only thing you need to provide for the experience is a connection to a powered receptacle.

Once you settle in for the experience, you’ll find that several additional features are available on the IW-SK Cuvens Scorpion Computer Cockpit.

1. It has an easy installation process.

The manufacturer ships this computer chair right to your front door after you place an order. It comes almost fully assembled within the shipping crate, which means it only takes about two hours to complete the work. The box is heavy enough that you’ll need two people to lift it, but you can do most of the work yourself.

2. You have all of the simple features you want.

The gaming chair comes with side cabinets underneath the armrest that you can open. It’s a fantastic place to store your snacks for those long sessions or an extended day at work. You have cup holders on the armrests that can hold your coffee, soda, or beer. Some users have adapted this element to be an ashtray.

3. There are more high-end settings to use.

Although you must manually push open or close the keyboard tray, it’s large enough to use with virtually any keyboard. You could legitimately work on a tablet PC with the space you have with this feature, and it’s adjustable for a significant range.

You’ll also receive electric controls for the height of the roof arm and the monitors, along with the reclining positions that are available with the product.

4. You can adjust the monitor installation.

Once you have the monitor installed for your computing system, you can adjust the screen from 27 inches to 34 inches from your eyes. This feature ensures that you have one of the most comfortable viewing experiences possible.

5. The gaming chair is designed to work for most people.

The ratings for this scorpion-style gaming chair have a maximum capacity of 275 pounds. It’s comfortable to use for anyone who is up to 6’5” tall, especially if you enjoy the flat position. When you’re on the tall side and sit upright, your head might come close to impacting the tail portion of the product.

6. Multiple monitor positions are available to use with this workstation.

This chair uses a unique IW-SK mount that lets you take control of a single ultra-wide monitor. Depending on the model you have, it can stretch out to 49 inches wide. You can also request a triple mounting configuration that lets your use up to three 29-inch models. In either setting, you have a maximum mounting weight capacity of just under 53 pounds to consider.

Not only does the monitor bracket adjust for your viewing distance, but it also provides height adjustments to create additional comfort options.

7. Everything on the gaming chair gets adjusted from one control panel.

When you want to get in or out of the workstation, you can use the upper section’s lifting or lowering controls. It tilts back up to 170 degrees to take positional discomfort away from your spin. You also have multiple leg rest and seat configurations that you can cycle through when sitting in the gaming chair.

8. The workstation comes with a unique lighting effect.

You’ll find multiple LED lights incorporated into this fantastic gaming chair and workstation. It gives you soft light to use in the early morning or late in the evening without disrupting the people around you. This feature won’t interfere with your display. The product even comes with the option to adjust the RGB stream for a custom look.

Scorpion Chair 1
Scorpion Chair 1
Scorpion Chair 2
Scorpion Chair 2
Scorpion Chair 3
Scorpion Chair 3
Scorpion Chair 4
Scorpion Chair 4
Scorpion Chair 5
Scorpion Chair 5

Is the Scorpion Gaming Chair Worth the Investment?

Gamers and busy professionals can purchase the IW-SK Workstation Chair online for $3,699. You can equip it with 110v in the United States or 220v for international destinations. Once you have everything set up and ready to use, you can take advantage of the total immersion environment.

You’ll find that the positioned monitors, audio systems, and available accessories all work together to create a comfortable and productive result.

If you struggle with lower back pain, sciatica, neck pain, or herniated disks and need to keep working at your computer, you’ll find that this investment makes a lot of sense. Not only are you going to start feeling better, but you can also become more productive!

You can select from black or white options.

Check it out on Cluvens.



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