Pigeon Shoes – The DIY High Heels Shoes

by Cristian I

DIY Shoes

Watching the birds scatter as she approached often broke her heart.

Although some people might shrug off those circumstances, Ohata decided to use her creativity to do something about the issue.

It became a project that led to one of the best pairs of DIY shoes that you might ever see.

Some people think they’re fashionable, others say that they’re funny – but they accomplish Ohata’s goal.

The pigeons don’t fly away as often anymore when she approaches.

Real pigeons or just Shoes
Real pigeons or just Shoes?
Japan Pigeon Shoes
Japan Pigeon Shoes on the Street
The Back of the Pigeon Shoes
The Back of the Pigeon Shoes
Front Shoes
Front Side

You Can Make Your Own Pair of Pigeon Shoes

If you encounter pigeons along the sidewalks that you journey and want to avoid disturbing them, then Ohata released the complete instructions of how to make shoes that look exactly like hers.

You first carve the heads of the birds with foam.

Once you have the shape correct, then carefully cover it with felt.

Then create the body of the bird using the same method.

Paint is useful to create the color combinations that you see on the feathers.

Once you have the body of the bird ready, use a pair of cheap heels.

Glue the project to the back of the shoe.

Then cut the wing pieces from a denser part of the felt since it has more wear-and-tear to manage.

Ohata then cuts smaller circles of black and gray felt to replicate the feathers on the wings.

Try to use a randomized pattern to make the look of the DIY shoes appear authentic from a distance.

A generous dose of PVA glue allows you to attach the finished wing to the side of the shoe and the complete head-body combination you attached earlier.

Then roll out eight balls of soft felt.

These small pieces will become the eyes and nostrils of the birds that you’ll be wearing on your feet.

Then create shapes to cover the tips of the high heels using the same process that you did to make the wings.

Then add the final touches with the feet, color the eyes and beaks, and you’re ready for a stroll!

If you want to make it yourself here are the steps

DIY Pigeon Shoes 1
DIY Pigeon Shoes Step 1
DIY Pigeon Shoes 2
DIY Pigeon Shoes Step 2
DIY Pigeon Shoes 3
DIY Pigeon Shoes Step 3
DIY Pigeon Shoes 4
DIY Pigeon Shoes Step 4
DIY Pigeon Shoes 5
Buying a pair of ordinary shoes
DIY Pigeon Shoes 6
DIY Pigeon Shoes Step 6
DIY Pigeon Shoes 7
DIY Pigeon Shoes Step 7
DIY Pigeon Shoes 8
DIY Pigeon Shoes Step 8
DIY Pigeon Shoes 9
DIY Pigeon Shoes Step 9
DIY Pigeon Shoes 10
Making the Pigeon’s feet
DIY Pigeon Shoes 11
Making the Pigeon’s feet 2
DIY Pigeon Shoes 12
Final Product
Final Product
Final Product 2

You might need to get a second look at the shoes of Kyoto Ohata when she’s walking down the street so that you don’t make a mistake and accidentally feed the pigeons.



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