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My name is Marian and I'm from Ontario. I've been making beaded jewelry and accessories for many years, and my pieces have been praised. Someone raised the suggestion that I could sell my work, so I made this shop.

I love vibrant colours and engineering crafts, so I've combined them into the art of beading. I make both beaded jewelry and accessories. I've made necklaces, bracelets, earrings, lanyards, glasses chains, keychains, and pins. I've also made cross-stitch pieces, both with yarn and thread.

I primarily enjoy working with vibrant colours - neons and darker hues, but have taken a liking to white and clear as well recently. I really like rainbow patterns and colour gradients.

I tend to work with shell and glass primarily, but am open-minded and working with stone and acrylic as well. I have a variety of bead shapes and sizes, and tend to favour seed beads for scrunchies and cross-stitch.

Scrunchies are made with seed beads that I sew on with a needle. I tie the designs off with a surgeons knot to ensure they don't open. Cross-stitch pieces that are done on a plastic canvas require the plastic beads used to make keychain animals. Larger cross-stitch pieces use seed beads.

In the future I want to try embroidery, as I've seen it and think it's beautiful!

Check out my shop and don't be afraid to shoot me a message!


I love vibrant beads. I enjoy engineering crafts.

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From Canada

Marian M

I love vibrant beads. I enjoy engineering crafts.

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