Runic Talismans Necklaces

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Supporting a runic protective amulet.
Especially for you Or your friends
Unique hand-made amulet rune.
Material oxidized brass.
Size : 4 x 3 cm. ----> 3cm = 1,18 inch 4cm = 1,57 inch
A unit product is created manually on an individual order.


This run eis connected to femininity.
In translation from old-Scandinavian, it means birch and rose.
Energeticly is connected to the element of Earth, and it rite it shows the woman’s shape.

Looking for the analogy to this rune, try my friend to the unit with all aspects of femininity energies.
Look – the moment isn’t beautiful because of Her look.
Her beauty is hidden in all aspects of her development phases.
First- child, then –girl and in the end – the woman, lover, wife, and mother.
If all her life’s experiences are experienced and converted in a positive way,
then the woman struts the road of the light to the point, where she can become the old lady.

Who is the old lady?

This is a good, happy, warm, and wise woman. This is the quintessence of femininity.
If in the family is such matron, her authority fastens together the whole family.
Her existence is like the source of light,
where everyone comes to rest and gather the life-giving breath of life.

All women have also an alternative way of their life. This is the way of destroyer crone.
She becomes of her very slowly.
Bented by life and duties, can’t hold with its thorns.
Bents so much that she goes into the dark side, tasting the tart of an unsuccessful life.
This crone is very unhappy, grumbling, and lonely.
More lonely more unhappy.
More unhappy more grumbling.

Look at the women around you, those on the street or at work.

Look what kind of way they have chosen: old lady or destroyer crone.?

Look inside yourself: which kind of way you have chosen?
Think about what you can do or you can change.

Berkana is the protector of women and all the aspects of femininity in your life.
It is pure fertility and the joy of giving life.
But if you want this joy to blossom, all Berkana need to find its Sowili S,
going through the way of Tiwaz rune.

Berkana is the protektor of motherliness and the signpost for all those,
who want to understand and meet the women’s world
Let you find the old women on your way and inside yourself.

Here is Berakana rune

It is the eighteenth rune of the alphabet, the older futhark.
Belongs to the field or in other words, home, or Tyr’s belt
Energeticly it belongs to the ring of Earth.
The names you can meet: : Berkana, Berkano, Barkan, Beorc, Bjarkan, Berrachd.
Odpowiadajaca jej litera: B
Responding letter: B


Association of Artists of Warmia and Mazury. Celtic and Viking art. Runic divination.

Registered 9 months ago

From Poland


Dariusz Ciszkiewicz

Association of Artists of Warmia and Mazury. Celtic and Viking art. Runic divination.

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