Preserved Flowers in Resin


When choosing your shape(s), please take into consideration the size of your flowers and whether they will fit into the desired shape. Shape sizes and specifications can be found below.


Heart Shape Flower Preservation

They come in the following sizes:

  • 22cm
  • 12cm
  • 10cm
  • 8.5cm
  • 6cm
  • Freestanding heart

Letters for Flower Preservation

  • Large Letter: Letters measure 11.5cm tall and approximately 5cm deep.
  • Small Letter: The letters measure approximately 5cm tall 2.5cm deep.
  • MR & MRS: The letters measure approximately 8cm at their tallest, and 6cm at their smallest. They are 1.5cm deep.

Tealight holders Flower Preservation

  • Heart Tealight Holder: The candle holder measures approximately 7cm/3cm, hole diameter: 4.3cm
  • Round Tealight Holder: The candle holder measures approximately 8.5cm/ 3.6cm, hole diameter: 4.3cm
  • Sphere Tealight Holder: The candle holder is approximately 9cm round, hole diameter: 4.3cm


  • Diamond: The Diamond measures approximately 10cm wide and 6cm tall.
  • Sphere: The flat bottomed sphere paperweight measures approximately 8cmx8cm.


  • Bead: The bead measures 1.6cm in diameter with a 0.8cm hole and are finished with a silver plated stamped core. They will fit Pandora style bracelets.
  • Ring Holder: The ring holder has a 5cm diameter and is 6cm tall

Large flower preservation

  • 22cm Square
  • 18cm Dome


I can only accept 1 order per week, meaning that spaces are limited. These are secured with a non-refundable deposit of minimum £10.00, which can be increased using the options below.

Full payment is due 30 days before your booking date. If your slot less than 30 days away, then payment is required the day that you make your booking. If payment is not received then your order will be cancelled.

Book your place at the artist website here.



Preserving your flowers at an affordable price

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Preserving your flowers at an affordable price

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