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My father was a painter, so I grew up in a world of color. I used to watch him absorbed in his work and marvel at the complete focus he had.

In January 2018, I found myself in between jobs with some time on my hands. I stumbled across a post on Instagram by an old friend of mine. It was an exquisite dot mandala. The colours and patterns were breathtaking and I was intrigued by the process of creating something so vibrant and beautiful.

I did some research, dug out some paints and some makeshift dotting tools, and placed my first dot on a canvas using the end of a flip chart marker.

It was love at first dot! Time seemed to stop as I became absorbed in creating that first mandala and I haven't stopped dotting since!

Mandala comes from the Sanskrit word meaning circle and it is a spiritual and ritual symbol representing the universe and the interconnectedness of all things.

For me, dotting mandalas has become a practice in mindfulness, a place of calm and flow where I can express my creativity.

When I start with that first dot in the center of a piece I don't have a plan. I never know what journey the mandala will take me on; it evolves and changes until the moment it tells me to stop. It challenges me at every stage, constantly asking questions of color, spacing, and pattern.

Each piece I paint is unique, it has its own individual pathway, color combinations, and personality. It is made with love, care, and attention.

Thank you for stopping by.

I hope you will enjoy my creations as much as I enjoy creating them!


Creating happiness one dot at a time

Registered 2 years ago

From United Kingdom (UK)

Clare Crosland

Creating happiness one dot at a time

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