High Phone Holder


The High Phone Holder is a Phone Holder that holds any size smart phone up high! It is a smart phone holding pouch for those who want to watch videos and/or read hands-free in a horizontal orientation. The pouch is see-through, allows audio to come out clearly, and is also touch sensitive!

About me: My name is Lauri, and I'm a mom of twins. Since they were around 4 to 6 months old, my twins did not particularly enjoy being in the stroller, especially my daughter. I could keep them occupied easily enough at home, so I didn't do much screen time at home. I invented and used this product as a special treat to myself, to keep them occupied and quiet so I could exercise using the stroller and shop at the mall or big-box store. Now that they are 2 years old, we still use it whenever they are having trouble sitting still! I also enjoy that they can be learning at the same time, as I like to play educational videos from YouTube (sometimes I give in to the occasional Baby Shark hahaha)!


More details: This product consists of a clear vinyl envelope suspended by a durable felt strap and magnetic disk that allow the holder to stick to any metallic surface, or to almost any fabric material.

Metallic and Glass Cabochon backing attracts to the magnetic disk and creates a strong hold – sandwich thin materials like fabric between the magnetic disk and the cabochon backing. Gently slide and pull apart to remove.

A hole in the strap allows the pouch to be hung from a hook as well.

The knob portion rotates freely to keep the phone level in bumpy or windy situations, or when hung on fabric.

Suggested uses:
Great to keep the little ones occupied during stroller rides, while outside or at the store! Just play their favorite videos (I prefer educational, such as Baby Einstein or Preschool Prep on YouTube!) on any smartphone. Get that much needed exercise or shopping done!
Great for cooking – watch your favorite cooking shows or keep your recipes at easy access while you cook in the kitchen!
Use it at the beach! Attach to beach umbrella or beach chair and keep your phone out of the sand and blast your favorite tunes!
Stick it on a towel in the bathroom to listen to your music playlists and podcasts!
Hang it at your cubicle so your phone is at eye level!

Key Features:
A portable smart phone holder for hands-free viewing in landscape orientation.
Quick and easy to use.
Doesn't require anything to install.
Easily hangs on metal, magnetic, thin fabric material, or a small hook or nail.
Clear vinyl case protects the phone from liquids or food splashes without interfering with viewing or audio quality.
Provides a convenient way for babies, children, and adults to view content on a phone without needing to hold it.

Patent pending.


Stroller accessory: Use your smartphone hands free

Registered 4 years ago

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Lauri Baker

Stroller accessory: Use your smartphone hands free

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