Handmade Resin and Crystal Jewelry


Jewelry maker & overall crafty gal living in Toronto's Junction neighbourhood! Avid gardener & loves to incorporate plants & nature in wearable pieces!


Black Tourmaline Necklace Protection Crystal

Pendant height: 1.5 Centimeters
Gemstone: Tourmaline
Style: Gothic
Resin pendant with black tourmaline chips, dried hibiscus flowers on a golden stainless steel chain
Black tourmaline is a protective crystal said to be beneficial for finding solutions to problems and understanding others.


Moss Agate Moon Necklace, crystal beaded necklace, handmade necklace, abundance and wealth crystal gift

Materials: Gemstone
Chain style: Bead
Style: Boho & hippie
Moss agate is a crystal of wealth & abundance. It is deeply connected to nature and astrologically associated with Cancer and Virgo
Necklace & pendant are stainless steel


Lucky Crystal Necklace, Green Aventurine Jewelry, Abundance Crystal, Birthday gift for Libra and Aries

Pendant height: 5 Centimeters
Stone: Aventurine
Style: Boho & hippie
Green aventurine is considered a lucky stone that attracts abundance. And is astrologically associated with Aries and libra.
Resin pendant with green aventurine on stainless steel golden chain


Unakite Crystal Necklace Handmade Resin Pendant, Healing Crystal Gifts

Pendant height: 5 Centimeters
Materials: stainless steel, resin, unakite
Style: Gothic
Resin crystal pendant filled with natural unakite stone and dried hibiscus flower on a non-tarnish golden stainless steel chain.
Unakite is known as a stone of vision, emotional balance & overcoming self-imposed blocks. Astrologically associated with Scorpio!


Raw Black Obsidian Stone, Volcanic Stone, Protective Stone & Block Negative Energy

Black obsidian is said to be a beneficial stone for being highly protective against negative energy while bringing blockages to light. Astrologically associated with Scorpio placements and Aries.
Black obsidian is a shiny black stone formed from lava that cooled too quickly for the stone to crystallize.
You will receive one randomly selected Stone. They range from 2-3 inches.
PLEASE NOTE: These are chip stones and can be VERY sharp. Be very careful handling these stones


Floral Necklace, Pressed flower jewelry, birthday gift

Materials: alloy pendant, flowers, resin, gold filled chain
Style: Boho & hippie
Natural pressed flowers preserved in a resin pendant on 14 karat gold chain.


Carnelian Crystal Necklace with Citrine Resin Jewelry Natural Crystals Gift

Pendant height: 5 Centimeters
Stone: Carnelian
Style: Boho & hippie
Carnelian is a stone of courage said to help process feelings of fear and sadness. It is said to banish negative emotions such as envy and resentment and welcomes concentration and problem solving. Astrologically associated with Virgo, Aries, Leo and Capricorn!
Citrine is great stone for welcoming the energy of abundance & wealth. Astrologically associated with Aries, Gemini & Virgo



Toronto ORDER PICK UP: If you would like to pick up your order (Keele/Dundas area), please send a message to coordinate a date and time.

CANADA - Jewelry items that indicate free shipping (with the exception to some larger jewelry items) will be sent via Canada Post Non-Standard Lettermail.

This is UNTRACKED and can take 7 to 28 business days (on the longer end for provinces and territories further from Ontario)

If you would like TRACKING it wil lbe an additional cost of $10-$15

USA - All orders are sent as tracked parcels and include complimentary shipping on orders over $35 USD

Everywhere else - Orders are sent as tracked parcels for $12 to 15 CAD.


Handmade resin and crystal jewelry

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