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Already 15 years, I 'm passionate by ceramics. The passion for the beauty of nature to give form with my hands. This results in the following configurations:
* Abstract art from different types of clay
* Jewellery: Beads made ​​of porcelainclay combined with silver and gold.

Keraleen stands for the passion of shaping the beautiful natural material clay into unique, contemporary, handmade ceramic jewelry and pottery.

I spend many hours shaping clay, either manually or via a turntable.

The many creations became too much to place in my living room or to wear myself. Many friends then said, why don't you let others enjoy the beautiful elements you make, so be the case with Keraleen.

For my pearls I usually use porcelain clay, whether or not colored with a pigment.
Everything is baked 2 or 3 times. Bake for the first time at 960°C so that it is ready to apply a glaze. After the glaze has been applied, it is baked at 1240°C to allow the glaze to bake into a solid glossy layer.
To apply gold accents, a third baking is required at 730°C after applying gold luster.

The pearls are brought together with real silver, sterling silver, AG925 or vermeil gold for the earrings and necklaces and nickel-free sturdy adjustable ring bases for the rings.

You can purchase products via the webshop or in my studio by appointment.
Address workshop: Molenhoek 6, 9340 Smetlede (by appointment only)


Unique handmade ceramic | porcelain jewellery | pottery

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From Belgium

Kera Leen

Unique handmade ceramic | porcelain jewellery | pottery

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