Fabric Abstract Art

Orange Butterfly Goddess - Night

Materials: natural colours, turmeric, indigo, organic beeswax varnish

Height: 10 centimeters
Width: 13 centimeters

- Join the Orange Butterfly Goddess for a special journey!
- Re-discover joy and happiness in your life!
- Small size - take your painting with you!
- self-made natural colours

The orange Butterfly Goddess comes along your path to take you on a special journey. She tells you that it is important for you to re-discover joy and happiness. Spend every day doing things that you really enjoy. And if you are not happy with your current situation, take the necessary steps to leave this place behind. Believe the orange Butterfly Goddess, a positive attitude can help you to find a path leaving situations, places, relationships not longer serving you behind.
The painting has small dimensions, 10 x13 cm. So, you can always take it with you. If you need a break, take your time and join the orange Butterfly Goddess for an adventure.
The artwork is really affordable. However, the shipping fees cannot be changed as the courier service has fixed rates. The difference to the standard postal service is minimal and with courier service you will receive the painting in a few days - depending on your location.


Grandmother Spider Weaving - Embracing The Moon Goddess - A Visual Meditation Adventure

Materials: Fabric
Height: 61 centimeters
Width: 87 centimeters

Grandmother Spider Weaving – Embracing the Moon Goddess

Around Midnight and in the first minutes of 2021, Grandmother Spider appears, weaving her eternal web of life. She is reminding me that I weave my own web. The mysterious light of the Moon Goddess illuminates her fine spinning threads connecting in creative patterns. They seem to glitter in various, magnificent colours.

Embark on a visual meditation adventure with Grandmother Spider and the Moon Goddess! Take your time, look at the painting and out of sudden, you will receive their ancient, secret messages!
With our thoughts and visualisations, we are weaving our reality. Are you satisfied with your web? Or do you need to re-weave it? While creating the web, it is important to listen to your inner voice and intuition. You know what web you would like to create und which colours harmonize with you.

Choose this painting for your meditation and start creating your personal web which truly satisfies you.


Rain Goddess Dancing with the Neem Tree Goddess and Earth Goddess

Materials: Fabric
Height: 17.5 centimeters
Width: 28 centimeters

Rain Goddess Dancing with the Neem Tree Goddess and Earth Goddess – Waning Moon
During the phase of the Waning Moon, suddenly, the Rain Goddess started pouring her eternal waters. It was quite hot; therefore, it was really refreshing and relaxing. However, the flowing of the waters took the form of an underground river, continuing its path, until reaching the sub consciousness. There, unnecessary burdens like old, outdated thought patterns, limiting beliefs, negative thoughts still are a hindrance on your individual spiritual journey. Let the Rain Goddess assist you in clearing those burdens. The healing and grounding energies of the Neem Tree Goddess and Earth Goddess will also help you to free yourself from everything what is stopping a positive transformation and your progression.
Embark on a visual meditation adventure! Just relax, take a deep breath and look at the painting. Be open for spontaneous messages.


Spiral Dance Of The Earth-Goddess

Materials: Fabric
Height: 36 centimeters
Width: 36 centimeters
Depth: 1 centimeters

For celebrating Earth Day, I created this artwork symbolising the eternal spiral dance of the Earth-Goddess.
Just think about the life span of the Earth-Goddess and the first appearance of human beings. A huge difference! Nevertheless, many human beings (not all, some kind of hope) think they are the most important species and they are entitled to exploit, pollute the resources. They created a huge imbalance. The Earth-Goddess will survive; it is a question – what will happen to human beings if a majority continues like that? Therefore, it is quite important to re-connect to the Earth- and Nature-Goddesses – Mother Earth and Nature, respect and honour them. Finally, they will decide if human beings will continue to survive.
Everybody can do something. You do not have to organise huge demonstrations or an organisation. It is much more beneficial if every person changes their attitudes.
What do you with your waste? Is there a possibility that you can recycle certain items? Can you buy organic products, fair-trade products? Can you support your local farmers who may not have official organic farming pledges but who use sustainable farming practices?
Can you walk or take a bicycle instead of using your car or motorbike?
As an artist or crafter- can you use eco-friendly materials to create your paintings, sculptures, craft items?
What do you eat – can you change your menu to vegetarian/ vegan?
This is only a short list what everybody can do on a microcosm level. However, imagine, everybody follows just a few things I have mentioned – big changes on a macrocosm level!


Secret Dance Of Transformative Energies - New Moon Goddess, Snake Goddess and Neem Tree Goddess

Materials: Fabric
Height: 32 centimeters
Width: 32 centimeters

The energies of the New Moon Goddess, the Snake Goddess in her sacred anthill and the Neem Tree Goddess form a net of transformative, healing energies. They invite you to travel to your sub consciousness and confront yourself with old, limiting beliefs, thoughts, and attitudes hindering you on your spiritual journey as well as holding you back from reaching your goals. The painting is perfect for your meditation during a New Moon Night. Burn your favourite incense, breathe deeply and sit in the front of the painting. Ask the New Moon Goddess, Snake Goddess and Neem Tree Goddess for guidance. Be open for spontaneous messages. Embrace the mysteries!


MAriska MA Veepilaikaliyamma - Eco-spiritual Art

Registered 3 years ago

From India


MAriska MA Veepilaikaliyamma

MAriska MA Veepilaikaliyamma - Eco-spiritual Art

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