Commissioned Portraiture

Please enjoy these examples of my commissioned portraits.

You can see next to most portraits the reference photograph from which I worked.

In most cases I have taken the photographs myself but I am also asked to work from supplied photographic references.

For me, the pleasure is to see the person ‘arrive’ on the canvas as I work using my experienced and gentle eye to capture the happy expression and personality of the subject.

For you, I aim to give a portrait of the person you know and love; and for them, it is to be painted as they would like to see themselves.

I do not only paint people; other subjects include pets, wildlife, property, cars and landscapes.

To obtain a quotation is easy!

Message me below and I will get back to you to answer any questions you have about a future commission.

I hope you like the portraits and I look forward to hearing from you.


Creative concept design and watercolor paintings

Registered 2 years ago

From United Kingdom (UK)

Simon Blythe

Creative concept design and watercolor paintings

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