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I'm Jiannis from Athens, Greece

I began making jewelry in 1984 by bonding shells with wire to make earrings and bracelets, which I sold in the Greek islands.

At 1987 I became curious about the qualities of metals, and started experimenting with them.
I made molds of zamac to help me form sheets of silver plates for large forms and by time I learned to solder and how to set a jewel.
I was also making a lot of work with hammer and tools (repousee) that was my influense that times that made me in the end to make my workshop, i started wonder how can i make this a living, and that time was the raise of italian jewelry with formed shapes so i started to make molds of my designs for to press silver plates to make an adequate product of that times, The molds were made of casted zamac for to die punching plates of silver, with a hammer at start and later mechanically with a pressing machine.

At 1989 I opened my workshop and i was making jewelry for the Greek market, taking part in two big wholesale exhibitions every year.

At 2003 i started making worrybeads , with my own metal findings, with engraved parts and high level of functionality with natural only minerals or woods in standard shapes cut.

At 2010 the nesecity of, ok now what i have? made me to come back to creating jewelry, but in a new way, melding structure with classic design, influenced by nature. It was the inspiration of that times.

At 2012 i started showing my work at the pedestrian street under Acropolis that was a very teachfull time with real users of my work that were buying directly from me !!!
Street and making jewels and selling them there , it is a very direct way of comunication, and it is influenced by the same elements, like since the ancient years people were going there to see and buy handicrafts!!! like also here in the internet way that it is also possible to come in a direct contact the real seller with the buyer

Now at 2020 i focus here on etsy and the internet ways, and i like this!!! the direct contact i had in the street i have it here too, with the people that like my jewels. Magifique!!!
This is the charm of Etsy and of the internet after all, and this is the way any more, it is the most direct way among creativity and usefulness.

My life vision is a creative and effective life, with metals, stones, experiments, nice works, nice people, and nice relations, worthing equaly for all parts that take part.

My work is made in series and is mostly classical silversmiths modeling and casting work, worked on wax by hand separately or in rubber molds depending the case, and combining them with plates or metal wires.
Absolutely all items even small findings in my collection are all of my own creation and production.

All of my works i think them and i make them like whole items, and i have high standards of working the surface and of polishing them. My brass rings are worked as if they were silver or k18. Solderings are silver solderings, brass is clear alloy and not recicled , silver where is applied is sterling silver 925 with availability for sterling silver 950, gold k14 and gold k18 in all forms, red, yellow or white and absolutely all my work is nickel free and all of it has passed from my hands.

My bracelets are a line I began few years ago with a very interesting modeling way, with clay molds, that help the primary formation of the soft wax, giving it shape and texture before the casting of it by the lost wax process. Using this method with the clay molds I can create bigger items in light weight with fine detail.

Be sure to see my filigree lace rings and my cut out empty rings which are simple but functional, with a strong shank.

As I gain more experience, and as more i learn this endless mater that is jewelry, and by your aid, i see the importance of correct designed shape and speciefic thought for every case, before the work begins,
The secret is inside the metal and my aim is to reveall it by the modeling ways, and i like to stretch the technical limits of each medium I work with, (which is to be streched), and i also like always making my jewels to be items that you cling to them now, real items surounding real life
I like nice things and if in harmony even better, and is oneway to be so.

My improvement is actualy , the improvement of my own perspective on metals, ,jewelry, and the ways of them, and the exploration of the limits or even more is the key.
This expands my knowledge and my everyday relation to these i do, which I bring to you in every work I design and fabricate.

I hope you enjoy seeing and wearing my jewelry as much as I enjoy making it.

High Quality Jewels in Bronze and Sterling Silver 925, Men and Women Signet & Symbol Rings, Greek Mythology Rings, Ancient Greek Coin Rings, Bands and Wedding Rings, Hammered Wire Jewelry, Zodiac Rings, Midi Rings, Cuff Filigree Brachelets, Long Filigree Rings, and many more


Signet Greek Coin Rings, Custom made Hammered Jewelry

Registered 11 months ago

From Greece


Jiannis Fragopoulos

Signet Greek Coin Rings, Custom made Hammered Jewelry

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