Circle Shaped Concrete Earrings

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LA-Based Design Group brings world famous unique handcrafted jewelry and home decor accessories to you.

We started to design and produce our first collection out of concrete in Los Angeles last year. Simultaneously, in PBDG Istanbul studio, our Sterling Silver and Cini Ceramic Collection have started being designed by our local artists.
Our goal is to empower local artisans by providing them with a global marketplace under an international jewelry company. We also assist artisans with the production process. Our main target as an international brand is to build socially, environmentally and economically sustainable products

Concrete Jewelry Collection
Contemporary. Simple. Minimalist.

PBDG combines natural materials with concrete to form balance, harmony, and rhythm. Our collection represents the minimalist style of lines, shapes, forms, color, and texture. Our concrete collection is inspired by art, architecture, and design. Our minimalist jewelry items reflect the simplicity of life as a form of everyday wearable arts.

Cini Ceramic Jewelry Collection
Authentic. Handpainted. Distinctive

Çini is traditional, handmade glazed tiles and ceramics made in Turkey featuring colorful motifs of plants, animals and geometric patterns often found on facades of buildings and in homes throughout the history. Cini art is one of the authentic ways of representing traditional and cultural style in a handcrafted form of art. PBDG forms Turkish Cini ceramic Art into jewelry pieces to create unique stylish looks. All of our ceramic arts are hand painted, fired at high temperature and protected with a clear glaze.

Sterling Silver Jewelry Collection
Modern. Stylish. Chic

925 Sterling Silver and genuine gemstones are crafted to design stylish jewelry that brings sparkle to your lives. Each piece is meant to be an everyday companion.
We believe our charm necklace collection will bring you goodness, abundance, fertility, luck, and good health.

Home Decor
Unique. Stylish. Artsy

We just launched our new ceramic home decor collection. Our collection is designed as one of a kind pieces of ceramic plates, owls, pomegranates, bells, tiles, and paintings. All items are under-glazed, handpainted, overglazed with a lead-free bright finish and fired at 975 C/1787 F.

Our products are handmade with love made to order.

Send us an idea of what you are wanting to make and we will send you back a design template and try to make it as close to your inspiration as possible!

Our products are handcrafted and each of them is focused on attention to detail.

Regarding that each of our jewelry is made by hand, the final product might be slightly different from the photos presented.

The differentiation will make your jewelry unique from the other similar ones


Follow your perfect match! Our Ceramic and Concrete Collections are made to order.

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Pinar Bingol

Follow your perfect match! Our Ceramic and Concrete Collections are made to order.

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