Origami Ceramics from Angelina Erhorn

by Cristian I

Ceramics artwork

Artist Angelina Erhorn from Moij Design takes this concept to the next level with her unique ceramic artwork.

She creates stunning dishware and plates that resemble many of the different origami items that paper artists create every day.

Her work mimics the folded and unfolded sheets with her plates, vases, espresso cups, and bowls to create some very unique pieces.

Each Item Even Features the Folded Creases

What makes Erhorn’s work stand out from other ceramic artists is her embrace of simplicity. Whether she creates a star-shaped bowl with this technique, a bootjen, or a sculpture of a polar bear or an elephant, you can see the love she has for this unique technique.

Many of her pieces keep to the simple off-white color of fresh ceramics, although some pieces Erhorn will stain to create a piece with even more personality.

Every piece she creates is fully functional, whether you want to have a morning coffee or a fun way to present a meal to your guests.

Even though she crafts each item by hand to create the folds and creases, there is a certain element of consistency with Erhorn’s work that makes it feel like a complete set of dishware.

You can connect with Erhorn through her Etsy shop or follow her on Instagram.

Origami Ceramics from Angelina Erhorn 2
Origami Ceramics Simple Plate
Origami Ceramics from Angelina Erhorn 3
Origami Ceramics Plate serving Sushi
Origami Ceramics from Angelina Erhorn 5
Origami Ceramics Set
Origami Ceramics from Angelina Erhorn 6
Origami Ceramics Cups
Origami Ceramics from Angelina Erhorn
Ceramics Set from Angelina Erhorn



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