Moon Picture in High Definition by Andrew Mccarthy

by Cristian I

50,000 pictures combined to create one Moon Photo

Photographer Andrew McCarthy creates a well-executed photo of the Moon using a telescope and two camera setup.

The cameras that he used are:

His curiosity developed since he was a child when his father showed him the beauty of the universe through the “eyes” of his telescope.

From there he discovered a passion for astrophotography.

But then again who doesn’t sometimes feel caught staring at our beautiful natural satellite who is governing us with the tidal force and his night light.

The Moon Picture
The Moon Picture

The Details of the Moon Picture are simply mind-blowing

Nonetheless to achieve the final moon picture he has fired over 50,000 shots of the night sky.

The hardest part of the photography is getting the right exposures for the dark side.

The final work involved loading them in Photoshop and run the process of blending them into one single photo with amazing details of every crater and lunar mare.

It makes you think that if you zoom right in, you could see stuff left behind by the Apollo missions.

The stars behind the Moon were captured with a stack of 50 shots with the Sony.

To order prints of this or any of Andrew McCarthy’s astrophotography, visit his online store.

Moon Craters
Moon Craters
The dark side of the Moon
The dark side of the Moon



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