Why these Cups And Saucers are impressive? Because they are mirror cups and look fabulous!

by Diana I

Luycho Inc.

Nowadays, we have a lot of models of cups and saucers…many colors, many dimensions, and many forms.

We can choose according the conditions above and, in addition, according their composition.

We have fine bone china, porcelain, stoneware, earthenware, melamine and even plastic.

But what if there is another composition and technique used to make the cups and saucers stunning?

Well, there is such a technique…

I’m talking about the mirror effect, using various technologies.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Mirror Cups

Luycho Inc. is a Korean company who produce mirror cups and saucers.

I can say their offer is outstanding…I really enjoyed finding Luycho, because this company produces remarkable models and colors for mirror mugs.

They can be used for tea serving or for coffee, and are available in black, white, or colors.

But let me say some worlds about Luycho and its technique that makes these mirror cup and saucer such appreciated.

The company developed some techniques thru the mirror cup images are reflected in a realistic way on the saucer, due to the proportions a real curved mirror reflects.

Cool, isn’t it?

Luycho cups and products are special due to this technique of accurate reflection.

If you are wondering who was the person who developed such an interesting method, you have to know that there are two persons involved in Luycho mirror cup existence.

Cho Yul – Korean professor who has mastered the science of reflection, refraction, and shadow for many years, and his son Cho Sang Ha.

I have to let you know that I am a big fan of Luycho mirror cups because they are special.

To confirm my opinion, I present you some of Luycho models below.

You can share your impression about which one you like the most 🙂

Luycho Red Elephant Mirror Cup
Luycho Red Elephant Mirror Cup
Luycho Blue and White Polar Bear Mirror Cup
Luycho Blue and White Polar Bear Mirror Cup
Luycho Grey Wolf Mirror Cup
Luycho Grey Wolf
Luycho Gold Giraffe Mirror Cup
Luycho Gold Giraffe
Luycho Gold Zibra Mirror Cup
Luycho Gold Zibra
Luycho Gold Leopard Mirror Cup
Luycho Gold Leopard Mirror Cup
The Mirror Wood Set
The Mirror Wood Set
Mirror Cups Warehouse
Mirror Cups Warehouse

More photos on Luycho’s Instagram



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