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by Cristian I

Lego Cooking

Every ingredient counts when you’re making a favorite recipe. If you don’t have the right items, the results won’t turn out as expected.

When you see the work of Tomosteen, a Japanese stop motion animation artist, you’ll discover that some of today’s best recipes only need to use LEGO bricks to create an outstanding and entertaining result.

Although Tomosteen’s work isn’t edible, the meals he creates while using LEGO bricks are quite impressive. He turns solid plastic pieces into egg whites, frosting, chocolate, rice, and more.

The artist says that he has always liked to cook with strange things, so LEGO products certainly qualify from that perspective. He uses video tricks and detailed stop motion animation to create illusions that require frame-by-frame execution.

When Tomosteen is finished with the production, it looks like you’re watching the food getting mixed, sliced, poured, or diced, just as if natural ingredients were getting used.

Oreo Lego
Oreo Lego

Each Color Has Its Own Place with His “Cooking”

You can find Tomosteen using some common ingredients when he creates the stop motion masterpieces that make it look like he is cooking. He’ll use clear plastic components to simulate water. If there are brown LEGO bricks, they represent chocolate.

White bricks look like milk or create. In one of his most popular videos, Tomosteen cracks a real egg to have the yolk and whites pour out into a bowl. It jiggles like you’re watching the real thing.

As the artist starts mixing the ingredients, the different colors start appearing to merge into one hue. It turns the plastic components into a surreal viewing experience that feels realistic, even though your eyes know for sure that you can’t eat that stuff.

Tomosteen incorporates ASMR into some of his YouTube videos. In one of his most popular releases, a LEGO man brings over a bowl of vegetables. The artist takes a knife, grabs some lettuce, and starts slicing. You see the green bricks come away from the fresh produce.

It’s the corn on the cob that is the best part of the video. When he slices into it, a bunch of LEGO heads come sprawling away from the knife. He follows it up by cutting olives that turn into LEGO tires.

At the end of the video, you can see an entire bowl of “salad” produced from the creative work. Tomosteen finishes the video by pretending to eat what he just created.

Lego Cake
Lego Cake

Tomosteen Also Uses Other Components to Create Cooking Fun

Although LEGO bricks are the primary ingredients you’ll find in a Tomosteen video, the artist is known to use other components.

One of the best examples of this approach is his video on tenderizing a pork cutlet. As the animation hits the meat with the hammer, it turns into different colors of dice. Each one simulates what you would “see” if the result was happening in real life.

In the dice video, the pig strolls up to the camera. Tomosteen strikes it underneath a paper towel to create the cutlet. As he starts the baking process, he pours cotton fluff to represent the flour. As he pats it down, real flour is seen on his hand.

That’s when he drops an egg into a bowl using LEGO bricks, stirring it until the colors mix. Tomosteen then grates some bread that turns into shells.

Once the prep process is done, you can see him turning the pork cutlet into a breaded product. As he places the meat into the egg wash, the colors shift from red to yellow.

Even the plastic bubbles represent the sizzling moisture as the meat cooks in the pan.

When Tomosteen cuts into the finished cutlet, the dice are now a brown color. He dips it into some sauce, turning it black.

The video ends with a caution for people not to eat dice.

Who Is Tomosteen?

You can join another 495,000 other subscribers by becoming part of the artist’s YouTube channel. His videos have currently developed over 83.3 million views, even though he only joined in October 2019.

There isn’t much known about this stop motion animator. Even his YouTube bio is only four lines long.

“Hello everybody, I am Tomosteen.

I create a fun stop motion animation.

I like to cook with strange things.

Please subscribe to the channel.”

He then repeats the same bio in Japanese and Korean.



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