Japanese Joinery – The Art of The Wood

by Cristian I

Japanese Joinery

The Japanese artisan culture always go out for perfection.

It doesn’t matter the material used for their artwork…steal, wood, fabric…anything goes.

Now, in this story it is all about the Wood!

The traditional art of Japanese wood joinery has it’s roots long time ago.

They can put up entire buildings using just wood alone.

This will be the time when a Studley Toolbox will make miracles.

Like, since the 12th Century!

Carpenter Dylan Iwakuni describes how all of the angular joins combine into perfect symbiosis in the below video.

Woodworking Masters

The secret of Japanese woodworking masters is the sharpness of their tools.

Because they don’t want the wood be “harmed” in any way.

Three main tools are there for the Japanese carpenter’s world.

  • The plane
  • The saw
  • The chisel

The master respect the wood, the wood respect the artwork.

Iwakuni offers a collection of tutorials and videos on is Instagram and YouTube. Check them out!

Wood Joinery
Wood Joinery
Japanese Mastery
Japanese Mastery
The Art Of Wood Joinery
The Art Of Wood Joinery
Woodwork Art
Woodwork Art



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