Inception Table – The Coffee table with a bending landscape

by Cristian I

movie’s fans

The Cyprus-based designer Stelios Mousarris had an idea of making a craft that will instantly grab the movie’s fans attention.

The Wave City Coffee Table artwork takes us to the warped dream and the levels of the subconscious.

The “Inception table” is made using the 3D printer technology and it’s using a mixture of steel and wood.

If you feel that the Inception table is too Mainstream then you can check out our review of resin tables that would fit wonderfully with your house interior.

Carved buildings and bending landscape

The level of detail of the meticulously carved buildings that represent the bending landscape is outstanding.

However, the best part of the urban skyline scattered with skyscrapers is the fact that it’s real and not just a dream.

It is a real craft having the following dimensions: 100 cm x 50 cm x 45 cm.

This table has also been included in our article in which we curated a list of the best coffee tables ideas.

So, how will it feel to wake up in the morning with a fresh coffee and this Inception table as support to remember your last night dream?

Don’t know for sure but it is for you to find out by checking the designer page.

inception coffee table
inception coffee table
inception city coffee table city
inception city coffee table city
the wave city skylines
the wave city skylines
wave city coffee table
wave city coffee table



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