Everything you need to know about creating amazing and unique handmade jewelry

by Diana I

Handmade jewelry is gathering special and unique natural elements and combining them by hand in an artistic and creative way giving them an aesthetic and wonderful look.

The delicate ornaments are organized and spun together to create a beautiful pattern looks pleasant and stunning.

Many handcrafts out there have stunning designs that highlight the beauty of these different nature ornaments.

History of handmade jewelry

So we all agree that human beings love to explore and discover art.

Different cultures have special arrangements that highlight their ancestry.

Moreover, modern fashion trends are also embracing handmade jewelry as an asset.

But when did the first jewelry appear?

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

…and there are many types of art nowadays, from books and paintings to handmade and design…

Now, that we know we have this in our DNA you probably wonder when we start playing with nature to alter her beauty and start crafting with our own minds.

Well, the first human handmade jewelry was about … 82,000 years old ?!

And it was a…guess what..a shell.

Of course, to us does not mean much, but for our ancestors was like having the best handmade jewelry in the world.

Handcrafts jewelry is made of?

Handmade jewelry employs different materials all over the world.

Different people prefer to work with metals like brass, copper, silver and cold, whereas other like stones and still others work with fabrics and wood.

The diversity extends to the extent where some people use animal’s bones and teeth as ornaments for jewelry.

The more unique a piece is the higher its cost.

Handmade jewelry tends to embrace the culture and tells about the history of a place.

The ornaments are unique in themselves and tell a story that adds value.

Here I will tell you about the different handy crafts out there that are sure to catch your eye.


Delicate ornaments on your wrists are valuable accessories.

You can explore the different types of handmade bracelets and choose the ones by your favorite artisan.

Trends change over years, which is why there are numerous styles in the market that make an appearance every now and then.

The conventional styles and materials stay the same, but new designs are added according to the era.

Many people actually collect handmade bracelets for the sole purpose of adding them to their collection.

They own a variety of styles and like to have different types of handicraft to broaden their collection.

Here we will describe some different styles of handmade bracelets that you can buy.


These are exquisitely designed, firm circles that are made to fit your hands.

They are often made with metals and have special designs constructed on to them by hand.

Sometimes, they are also made of glass.

However, usually, they are crafted with copper or brass that craftsmen bend and shape with hands and special tools.

They are much adored all over the world including parts of Asia and the middle east.


These are special bracelets that have tiny little hanging ornaments on their bracelet.

These cute little handmade bracelets have customized charms attached to them.

They can be of anything, whether it is a little souvenir from a destination or a reminder of a special event or person, the charm bracelet stores your memories perfectly.

Many people use these bracelets to add beautiful details to their events and freeze moments in a priceless manner.

Different artisans style these charms with rhinestones or precious stones and metal frames to make them look very appealing.


These cute ornaments are specially made by interlinking individual loops to create a beautiful chain.

They are made with different materials including fabric, plastic, metals, and wood.

The individual loops look stunning together and give the bracelet an intricate look.

Many people invest in these bracelets, as they are very durable and compliment the wrist in a unique manner.

Different bracelets are also customized to match different outfits with beautiful charms and stones that give them a stunning finish.

You can find the metal variety almost everywhere, with beautiful alterations according to your preference.


These bracelets are made with beautiful beads that usually have a central hole that help the interlinking fabric or wire too.

Their diversity is achieved by the pretty patterns of different stones that stand out and compliment your look.

The beautiful beads are the highlight of the wearable and really stand out.

Artisans spend days adding fine touches to the little beads and then stranding them together.

Different artisans use the different linking material.

Some use fabric, others use metal wires. It really depends on the ultimate look you are going for and your preference.

Artisans aim to create these little bracelets with extreme diversity to suit every person’s needs.


Another pretty and cool trend is the leather bracelet that is also made by hand.

The leather is initially prepared and then classically bundled into the selected shape and sizes.

Different ornaments or beads are added on to the bracelets to make them look much more appealing.

You find them in different colors and styles with a stunning look into the history.


These stunning beauties are handcrafted as a metal frame and then the precious stones are individually inserted into the frame.

The beautiful stones are styled according to the theme and then painstakingly attached to produce the final piece.

These luxurious bracelets often portray a piece of history and have incredible value.

Handmade necklaces

There are a great many styles of necklaces out there.

Many are now made with machines.

However, there are still handy artisans out there who design beautiful handmade necklaces and preserve the world’s heritage.

It is a refreshing picture to see someone supporting a beautiful necklace that speaks of its creation by itself.

The amazing detailing ad the handy work is visible almost immediately.

Here we tell you about the different types of necklaces out there that are made with perfection by men.


Many cultures still embrace the silver jewelry as their heritage.

Many parts of Asia, in particular, have customary silver jewelry that stands out for itself.

The beautiful pieces make an impact and are amazing to see.

With their unique designs and incredible detailing silver handcrafted necklaces are appreciated and worn all over the world.

They are also a representation of the ancient history of numerous places.

People continue to wear them in different parts of the world, even to this day.

The unique styles and patterns of some of these places are iconic and represent a rich part of their culture and history.


You can also have a look at the crystals.

These necklaces are made with precious stone embodied in a framework of precious metal.

Usually, expensive stones like diamonds and rubies are used to create these luxurious pieces.

It can take artisan months to cut the perfect stone into the ideal size and then attach it to the frame one by one.

These necklaces are great for evens and will certainly earn you a number of fashion points.


Many necklaces also consist of many different kinds of beads that are linked together by a delicate chain.

The stunning piece is crafted slowly with each bead being gently and carefully attached to the chain.

Such necklaces can have interlinking chains as well or are made of a chain of beads.

They work with different types of clothes and are a great way to portray your culture I the modern world.


Certain necklaces are designed to have a thick band of interlinked chains that are painstakingly attached to each other.

It is an immensely tiring process where artisans slowly link each piece to create the result.

The bands are intricately designed with different patterns and styles that highlight artisanship at its best.


These are made of different materials.

Some are made with leather, others are designed with metal.

Still, others are designed with multiple beads or chains to add to the style.

Chokers belonged to the vintage era and have surfaced as a trend in modern fashion again.

Many craftsmen have interesting designs from the vintage era that can catch your eye and change the entire look of your outfit.

Rings and Bling

Along with necklaces and bracelets, there are different types of handmade rings in the market as well.

Of course, the metal ones date back centuries.

However, there are a number of other trendy options to choose from as well.

Over the years, the world of fashion has developed enormously with many beautifully hand constructed rings gracing the markets.

Of course, there are different styles and different materials used in the process, depending on the artisan’s mind and skill.

Let me tell you about some of the best of them.


These are extremely pretty and breathtakingly realistic.

These handcrafted rings are made with a special dough and then painted.

The finger ring is usually made of metal, while the artisan designs the whole flower as well as its compliments and sticks it is on the finger ring.

The color used in the process are vibrant and give off an extremely natural color that can make you do a double take.


The conventionally shaped and carved metal rings date back centuries.

They are made with different materials including gold, silver, and brass.

The stunning rings are crafted into elegant designs and hardened to keep their shape.

This type of ring is popular all over the world, especially in the middle east.

Often crafted with gold, these are conventionally molded and then hand styled into the final design.

The designs include cut work and unique twisted and flattened patterns that help create stunning pieces.


Another popular ring is the gemstone ring that is handcrafted to carry a beautiful gem.

The framework is made out of precious metal that is shaped and styled to perfection.

The stone is then adjusted into the frame and locked in place to create a unique style that stands out.

These rings are often used on special events are popular all over the world.

They are also the first choice when it comes to engagement rings, promise rings or wedding rings.

Often diamonds are used as the precious stone, but they also are made by different stones in the market as well.


These unique rings are patiently carved out of wood.

The beautiful ring is painstakingly shaped and hollowed to give a beautiful shape.

Some people make it into a memory by choosing wood from a special place, this adds to the sentimental value of the ring.

The artisans can construct wooden rings into unique designs or construct your initials into their masterpiece to make it into a ring to remember.

Stunning earrings

Of course, we cannot leave out the earrings that often take center stage when it comes to jewelry.

It comes as no surprise that there is a diverse category of handcrafted earrings that can add value to your life instantly.

Handcrafted jewelry makes its own name and stands out.

The stunning pieces are assembled with love and are individually crafted to ensure perfection.

Instead of the machine designs these they have the purity of the human mind.

It is amazing how the beautiful earrings can change your outlook in a bit.

Let us view the different handmade earring styles there are.


These special earrings are crocheted into individual ornaments.

They look amazing and stand out.

Their aim is to match with your summer dresses or compliment you on a summer party which they fabulously.

The best part is that the artisans can choose all the colors in the world so you have a wide choice, which allows you to find the perfect match for you.


A special kind of earrings are made with special feathers.

They are uniquely crafted with stunning feathers that are crafted with beautiful kinds of feathers to create beautiful pieces.

They are perfect for different occasions out there.


Some of these are crafted with unique fabrics.

They contain special handcrafts that even more difficult and often very catchy.

Different types of handy artisans design different jewelry.

You can easily choose from the different styles to find ones that compliment you and your friend.


These are beautifully luxurious earrings.

They have an intricate framework with special gemstones fitting into the artwork to compliment it.

The entire piece is a beauty and the perfect accessory to wear to both casual and formal get together.

You can fund enormous diversity in the area as many artisans like to work with these materials.


These intricately designed earrings are made with different patterns of chains.

They are usually made with metals and can create stunning designs.

Celebrities like to wear these dangly earrings and are often spotted wearing them on the red carpet.

The best bit about them is that they can complement different outfits allowing you to pair them with different outfits.


Many artisans also specialize in certain beads these are easy to make and have great diversity.

The beads are strung together, which allows you to pick from a variety of options.

The different beads compliment your outfit and an interesting twist to your ultimate look.

Moreover, they are very trendy nowadays so you can easily go out wearing them and nail the look every time.


These conventional hoops inspire so many people.

These can be handcrafted to different sizes and different styles; some are circular while others are square.

Still, others have different additions to them that stand out and make them different.

Hoops look pretty on everyone and handcrafted ones with all the details are a must have for sure!

Where to buy handmade jewelry?

All of this different handmade jewelry come from different places in the world.

Talented artisans reside in different places who create these stunning pieces and then make them available on the market for you to buy.

An incredible effort that goes into finalizing every little bit in the result makes this jewelry worth the price.

With handcrafted jewelry, you sent just get to wear something cool, you actually get to share in some of the histories of the world.

It is a great way to share your culture with the rest of the world.

However are there also some cons out there regarding handmade jewelry.

You need to find the right place so that you can easily buy handcrafted jewelry without the worry of being conned.

Handmade jewelry gift ideas?

You can easily gift this handmade jewelry to the people in your life.

They make for unique personalized gifts that are much appreciated.

Some make for special events while others are best for friends.

Girls love jewelry and men like to wear them too. You can easily please a girl by giving them these handcrafted specialties that will be much appreciated.

Certain people collect these different things with an entire collection of beautiful ornaments.

Others tend to wear them at big events. Still, others tend to use them as gifts.

The stunning jewelry speaks for itself and is easily identified.

You can try out the different types of rings, bracelets, earrings r necklaces and upgrade your style today!

All of these different types of handmade jewelry highlight the immense diversity that is present in the field.

You can find different pieces for yourself and your friends easily.

Handcrafted jewelry is unique why they make great gifts for friends and family.

Try this beautiful handmade jewelry out for yourself.

You will be pleased to find the perfect piece for you.



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