Floating Coffee and Rainbow Pencils by Bobby Duke

by Cristian I

The Coffee Cup

One of his most unique pieces was a floating cup that looked like it had pencils flowing out of it to create a splash on the ground.

It was made from a solid block of basswood, which means even the handle of the mug was not glued onto the sculpture.

Then the colored pencils and cup were encased in clear resin, while the base came from burl.

It would eventually sell for over $4,500, with Duke donating 10% of the proceeds to St. Jude’s Hospital to help fund cancer research.

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The Approach of Bobby Duke

Art is something that we find inside of all of us at some point in our lives.

The only problem is that someone somewhere often criticizes the quality of the piece, forcing the artist to go away in a cloud of anxiety, guilt, or even shame.

Bobby Duke feels very differently. If you like art, then you should be making it.

Whether you become famous and rich from the effort or you just make things for yourself, the joy comes from the creative process.

That is one of the many messages that you can find with this unique floating coffee cup sculpture.

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You can follow Bobby Duke on Instagram to see even more of his work.

Liquid pencils
Liquid pencils
The colorful cup
The colorful cup
Cup of liquid pencils
A cup of liquid pencils
Floating cup of colors
The floating cup of rainbow pencils
Floating cup of colors sculpture
The floating cup of colors sculpture
The splash of the liquid pencils
The splash of the liquid pencils



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