Firevase – The Throwable Fire Extinguisher Flower Vase

by Cristian I


Building codes usually require homes and businesses to have a fire extinguisher available in case an emergency situation arises.

In South Korea, homeowners are legally required to have a fire extinguisher in every living space, but fewer than 60% of people own one.

Cheil Worldwide, which is a subsidiary of Samsung, decided to solve this problem using their ingenuity.

Their innovative new product released in 2018 is called the Firevase.

If you throw this item at a fire, then it will put it out.

How Does the Firevase Work?

Although the vase looks decorative, the product is an incredible firefighting tool.

A small inner chamber holds the water for the flowers, but the outer components are filled with potassium carbonate.

If the vase gets smashed inside of a fire, then the colorless gas quickly cools the flames while suppressing oxygen in the immediate region.

That’s how it functions as a safety tool.

Over 110,000 Firevases were initially produced as part of a campaign to encourage the ownership of home fire extinguishers.

81% of homeowners now say that they’re more aware of the importance of fire safety because of the outreach campaigns made by Cheil Worldwide.

The vase itself is made from PVC to reduce the danger of shattering fragments causing harm.

Another 100,000 Vases Were Handed Out in 2019

Anyone can throw the Firevase because it is such a lightweight product.

Those who own one say that its presence helps to reassure them of their safety.

Even young children can throw it at a fire to have it smash open and put it out.

Firefighters say that the Firevase also solves a significant problem for many homeowners.

A traditional fire extinguisher can replace the presence of a firefighter at the early stages of an incident – assuming that someone remembers where the extinguisher is in the home.

About 60% of the fire fatalities in South Korea happen in homes, resulting in a total of 2,000 deaths.

With the growing availability of this product, every household can have a way to put out a fire quickly.

The Firevase was made for Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance, so availability is currently limited to South Korea.

Photo credits to Dezeen




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