Dense Forest and Mazes Embroidery by Litli Ulfur

by Diana I

Embroidered Magic Forest

If one theme stands out above any other for 2020, it’s the desire to be close to something comforting and familiar.

Many people have lost jobs, loved ones, and more to the pandemic. The empty chairs found around the dining room tables worldwide is staggering.

Artists like Litli Ulfur have recognized the need for sensory relief with their new offerings.

For Ulfur, this effort translates into a luxurious embroidery series that explores the lush dense forest floors on our planet.

The inside - 10 Inches
The inside – 10 Inches

Each Piece Features Natural Inspirations

At first glance, the mossy dense forest feels like the sole inspiration for Ulfur’s work. You can pick out the lush embroidery landscapes from an aerial perspective.

The flat patches, French knots, and tuft placement stretch from edge-to-edge, creating a unique combination of a macro-environment combining with microstudies.

When you look a little closer at the patterns incorporated into each piece in the new series, you’ll see that they resemble the nerve patterns found in the human body.

Ulfur says that tree roots and branches remind her of who we are as a people. That means we likely have more in common with what’s in the world around us than we probably realize.

The idea is that an endless network is beneath our feet, providing us all with the supports we need to get through challenging times.

The light
The light

No Two Items Are Exactly Alike

Ulfur says that she was struck by the commonalities found in the different forests as she researched this project. Whether it was a beech dense forest or oak, every element felt like it embraced the human spirit.

That’s when she knew that the only way to pull off this idea would be to immerse herself in the trees. Each scent, touch, and color that Ulfur experienced during that time gets reflected in her embroidery work.

Since this process takes on such an organic flow, this series offers 100% individualized pieces.

When we’re alone in nature, we have time to reflect on ourselves and our choices. We can think about why we do what we do.

If you get the opportunity to view Ulfur’s work personally, you’ll come away with a similar feeling.

You can discover more of Ulfur’s series by following her Instagram page today.

The Wholeness
The Wholeness



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