Creative Bookcases to Your Interior Design

by Cristian I

Home DEsign

Many designers have moved away from the traditional concept of vertical orientation and rectangular shaping to create incredible aesthetics that add charm and personality to any home.

Some designs offer multi-functional purposes with a one-of-a-kind concept.

Others work to create reading nooks or peaceful spaces that encourage more time for reading.

You can even find a few that create optical illusions to enhance the intrigue that your interior design provides.

Bending Bookcase
Bending Bookcase

It Is Fun to Find New Ways to Make Form Meet Function

Bookshelves might feel like a dated approach to storage for some homes, but it can still be an essential component of form meeting function.

Tucking a bookcase underneath a set of stairs to maximize the space gives you added storage in a location that would otherwise become a closet.

You can turn stairs into bookcases by opening up the front of each one and reinforcing the tread so that the structure meets local building codes.

They can be found built into bed frames, walls, and other components of the home.

One of the best options with modern designs is the optical illusions that some designers can create.

You can hang these on your walls, stand them up on floors, or stack them in pillars that are reminiscent of the CD racks from long ago.

A unique option is this slanted modular shelving unit called the L shelf.

It’s a single piece of bentwood that you can put together without the need for screws, glue, or other tools.

It comes with three finishes to consider: beech, birch, or walnut.

If you love to read books, then it isn’t necessary to settle for a stack on the floor or a windowsill to manage your collection.

Bookcases are back, and they are better than ever before with modern designs.

That means you can add more time for reading to your schedule every day!

Staircase To Bookshelf
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