Instead Of Using An Actual Rug Why Not Carve One Permanently Into An Oakwood Floor?

by Cristian I

Nature was a great inspiration for her creative process, thus the rug was carved into the oak floor

Rugs are one of the most common decorative pieces that we have in our homes today however Spain artist Selva Aparicio has something else in mind.

In this case, it’s a visually-striking installation of a carpet measuring a staggering 3m x 4.6m or 657 square feet that have caught the internet’s attention by going viral.

The rug is carved right into the wooden floor and it was named by the artist “Childhood Memories”.

Hand Carved Rug into oak floor
Hand Carved Rug into oak floor

While having many exhibitions in her portfolio Selva, this artwork it is mainly expressing the artist’s own childhood trauma while the mental scars she got from the experience are real as the actual carvings.

Every carefully carved detail will blow your mind but the inspiration for the piece isn’t very pretty. In a statement, Aparicio explained:

“I presented this installation as my thesis during my MFA at Yale University. Rugs are typically adorned with sacred gardens and oases, and can be moved around the home. The rug stayed put, quietly participating in years of familial abuse. This installation is about covering and exposing, trauma, and bearing witness.”

Feelings are something we must learn to live with as Aparicio describes:

“My memories are permanently etched, so the soft fabric is represented in hand-carved scars on discarded wood flooring. I strive to find beauty in the peril and bear witness to the progression of ephemerality-permanence-loss.”

The pattern of the wooden floor is so realistic that people might get tricked into believing it is a real carpet.

Selva’s artwork is sembling a lot with the Persian rug style that has the looks of a three-dimensional object.

Visit Aparicio’s website to learn more about her work.

Carved Rug Installation
Carved Rug Installation
Carved Rug Art
Carved Rug Art

Photo: © Selva Aparicio



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