Calamityware Coffee Mugs That Show You How Life Could Be Worse

by Cristian I

The blue willow pattern has been used to create numerous images and scenes over the decades.

It tells the stories of families or provides something beautiful to display.

Moyer’s “it could be worse” coffee mugs remind us all that if life is bad today, don’t think about what it could be tomorrow.

Things could get catastrophically worse, at least in Moyer’s vision.

The different blue willow patterns he creates include pirates, dinosaurs, UFO attacks, and zombie poodles.

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Get to Know Don Moyer a Little Better

Moyer has over four decades of experience working as a graphic designer.

According to his bio, he’s had plenty of time to figure out how to manage “clients, deadlines, and budgets.”

His Calamityware effort is a reflection of a desire to start something with the only purpose of seeing what might happen.

Moyer’s sell-initiated efforts often have no deadline, budget, or customers when he first starts.

The blue willow pattern idea came after inheriting a traditional plate.

Once Moyer saw it, he says that he had to redraw it by adding a pterodactyl.

Anyone who gets quickly bored with the tranquility that traditional designs offer will love the diversions provided by Moyer’s work.

What makes the investment even funnier is that most people don’t recognize the design’s silliness while it is in use.

Moyer uploaded his original concepts to a Flickr account.

Once everyone saw them, they asked for real plates, and that’s how Calamityware got started.

Calamityware mugs
Calamityware mugs

You Can Get the Entire Calamityware Set Today

Moyer got his start through Kickstarter.

He initially began the Calamityware campaign with dishes, moving to the mugs in 2015 to offer a companion set.

You’ll find the same abominations on the mugs as you do on the plates.

Each mug from the set of four Moyer design is larger than the traditional teacup that comes with this pattern.

You’ll get the standard coffee mug size, offering approximately eight ounces of fluids to enjoy.

If you aren’t a coffee person, Calamityware is the perfect medium for your afternoon chai tea.

You can get past that 2 PM wall at work in style!

Check out the store!

Calamityware mugs 2
Calamityware mugs 2
It could be worse
It could be worse
Holiday edition
Holiday edition
2020 Series
2020 Series
Merry Christmas Mugs
Merry Christmas Mugs



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