The Best Bike Storage Ideas And Solutions

by Cristian I

Storage Ideas for The Big city

When you live in a big city, it makes more sense to travel by bike than by car. It feels like an upgrade from public transportation without being overly expensive.

The only problem with a bicycle in the big city is that you need to store it inside your apartment. If you leave it on the street, you’re almost guaranteed to have it stolen! That’s why knowing how to keep your equipment correctly in small spaces is helpful knowledge.

It isn’t overly complicated to store your bicycle in a small apartment. If you have the proper gear that can hold the bike securely, you’ll be ready to manage this investment.

You could use a simple metal hook, a wall-mounted rack, or a simple stand that sits by your front door. The options can be trendy, straightforward, and simple like a bike lane.

With all of the different bike storage ideas you can find online, how do you know which one will best meet your needs? Should you store your bicycle vertically or horizontally?

Would it be better to purchase a folding bike that can stay in a small space? Should your bicycle have a front wheel that you can easily dismount to conserve room?

What Are the Best Ideas for Storing Bicycles in Small Apartments?

When you need to store a bicycle in a small apartment, you’ll want to think about how much space you can conserve while protecting your investment. That’s why you’ll see options that range from wall-mounted racks to ceiling-mounted hanging devices.

In a pinch, you can always take the bicycle apart and store it in a closet!

Here are some ideas that can help you maximize your space while minimizing the cost of managing your essential traveling companion.

1. The Zero Gravity Rack

Zero Gravity Bike Rack
Zero Gravity Bike Rack

Mark Canavarro is responsible for this unique creation. It uses a wall-mounted design that extends downward so that you can securely affix your bike frame to the unit. Once you have everything attached, you’ll activate the air compression struct that lifts it out of the way. Your bicycle will rise to the ceiling, keeping the equipment overhead and out of the way. It even locks automatically to ensure it doesn’t fall.

Three different options are available to lift anywhere from 29 to 50 pounds. You’ll also get multiple hooks to keep other sporting equipment out of the way.

2. Hiplok AIRLOK Secure Bicycle Hanger

Airlock Bike Storage
Airlock Bike Storage

When you attach this unit to your wall, it will create a lock that keeps your bicycle out of the way. It almost turns it into art, especially since the hardened steel inner core is nearly impossible to compromise. Although you’ll need some clearance to maximize this investment, the laser-cut key design with a replacement option provides effortless practicality without being overly expensive.

3. Saris Show Off Bike Stand

Saris Bike Storage
Saris Bike Storage

If you prefer a bicycle stand made from natural materials, you’ll appreciate the cork and beech combination found on this product. It can hold a bike of up to 30 pounds safely, securely attaching to studs in your wall to keep it out of the way. There’s an LED light that shines down on your equipment, creating a night light effect that might serve some apartments well. It may not work for thicker frames, so you’d want to review the specs carefully before purchasing.

4. Tamasine Osher Pedal Pod

Tamasine Pedal Pod Bike Rack
Tamasine Pedal Pod Bike Rack

This unique bike storage idea creates a shelving unit for your wall that includes a frame hanger. It’s designed specifically for the design-conscious consumer, offering a fully functional unit that stores your entire cycling kit. It even looks good if you don’t have a bike to use.

The design comes with three options, including a solid walnut or a solid oak choice. The unit itself has a padded hook to prevent damage from happening to your paint.

5. DaHanger

DaHanger Bike Rack
DaHanger Bike Rack

When your apartment space is at a premium, you’ll want to consider grabbing this modern indoor bike rack for your storage needs. It comes in two colors, all the hardware needed for installation, and a dark felt bad for added protection. The entire unit uses a molded plastic shape with HD-foam filed and flame-polished techniques for the perfect look. It is rated to hold bicycles up to 30 pounds, but you’ll find it works a little better with lighter models.

6. Mooose Cova Bike Rack

Mooose Cova Bike Rack
Mooose Cova Bike Rack

This bicycle storage idea for apartments takes a different approach to your vertical spaces. It provides excellent functionality, impressive aesthetics, and simple use methodologies. You’ll get a separate shelf for storing your gloves, lock, helmet, and other cycling gear. Although you won’t see any securing options on the unit, it’s also about a third of the price of the other ideas. If you don’t have a lot of floor space, you’ll want to consider this option.

7. Parax® D-Rack


After hanging this bicycle rack on your wall, you’ll find it to be one of the most accessible bike storage ideas you’ll ever use. There’s enough space to keep your pedals from hitting the paint without putting the bike into your walking path. The manufacturer offers several wooden colors and front to match your style, while the silicone pad within the grip area protects your frame. It’s compatible with all diamond shapes and works with handlebars up to 66cm in size.

8. Artifox Bike Rack

Artifox Bike Rack Walnut
Artifox Bike Rack Walnut

If you select this bicycle storage idea for your small apartment, you’ll have a unique mounting option. Instead of storing the bike horizontally away from the wall, it uses magnetics to have it become a vertical solution. It looks like you’ll be climbing once it is installed! The manufacturer uses solid hardwood with a sealed satin finish to give the product plenty of strength and durability. You’ll find it handles most sizes and styles while creating storage in some of the tightest spots.

9. Delta Cycle Leonardo Da Vinci Storage System

Delta Bike Storage
Delta Bike Storage

With a maximum load rating of 40 pounds, this bike storage idea is an excellent solution for apartments that have minimal space. It can accommodate any wheel size, delivering a lovely vertical hook that keeps your floors clear and your walls clean. It can be a little tricky to maneuver your bike into the correct position at first, but you’ll eventually get the hang of it. Please remember to mount this product directly to a stud.

10. Sarabi Studio Commuter Bike Rack

Sarabi Commuter Bike Rack
Sarabi Commuter Bike Rack

This bicycle rack provides a simple solution for those times when you need to store a bike in your apartment. It uses a small hook that wraps around your front tire to keep your equipment secured. The only difference is that you can put a separate stand next to a window or along an empty wall that requires no mounting. Additional shelving is available on the side, and you can select whatever custom color you prefer if you’re willing to put up the cash.

11. Vadolibero Vertik Bike Rack


Small apartments often need multifunctional products to maximize the usable space. Since a bicycle can take up a lot of room, it only makes sense to equip a stand with something else. In this instance, you’ll get a lamp that also keeps your bicycle safe. Even if you don’t have your equipment mounted to the product, it still creates a stunning addition to your apartment. It stands almost five feet tall, offers 5,500 Lumen, and offers multiple settings to store virtually any bicycle.

12. Van Staeyen Dude Gear Closet

Dede - Van Staeyen Bike Storage
Dede – Van Staeyen Bike Storage

If you have a little space to use in your apartment, this closet solution delivers the epitome of safe bicycle storage. It’s made from oak planks, requiring an entire wall to serve as its anchor. Although it might seem like a simple cabinet at first, you’ll find that it opens up to create plenty of storage room for 2+ bikes. You can keep plenty of other items in there to reduce the clutter without going broke in the process.

What Is the Best Way to Store a Bike Safely?

If you need some bike storage ideas in a small apartment, you’ll find several options that could all work for your equipment. Each solution has specific pros and cons to consider.

The most basic choice is a wheel stand. This portable unit can park anywhere in your apartment, preventing the bicycle from falling over. The primary disadvantage is that one wheel must rest on the floor.

If you can’t put holes in the walls, a free-standing storage rack could be a helpful solution. You’ll need to lift the second bike to the upper hooks, which might be problematic if you’ve got a 50-pound bike.

For the other bicycle storage ideas, wall-mounted options are often the best choice. You’ll need to screw the product into a wall stud, which means a repair is necessary to get your full security deposit back. You’ll want to select something that won’t put marks on your walls.

By taking these steps, you’ll protect your investment when living in the city. That means you’ve got one more choice to make – where are you going next?



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