Best Acrylic Paint Sets That All Artists Will Love

by Cristian I

When you’re ready to start painting as a professional or as a student, these are the best acrylic paint sets to have so that you can get some positive results.

About Acrylic Paint Sets

Whether you paint professionally or just starting to learn, it always helps to know what paint brand works the best for your needs. When you look at acrylic pigment, the choices can be numerous and daunting.

Not only do you have numerous brands and companies from which to choose, but there are also unique descriptions that don’t offer must information. Should you purchase high-flow acrylic paint, or would something with a heavy body be better?

If you’re not sure what acrylic paint sets to purchase, here are some ideas to consider based on your preferences and skills.

Best Acrylic Paint
Best Acrylic Paint

How to Select the Best Acrylic Paint Sets

When you shop for acrylic paint, you’ll want to focus on the following attributes to ensure you have a positive experience.

Permanence:This trait reflects how much of the color starts fading once it gets exposed to light. The measurement is usually reflected in decades, and most products stay strong for 20+ years. You’ll want to avoid fugitive colors unless you want them represented in your art.
Quality:You can find a student or pro-grade acrylic paint available online and in stores today. The latter option will almost always be the superior product, offering more saturation once applied. Although the cost can be significantly higher, you’ll see better results on your canvas.
Hue:Some acrylic paint kits provide dozens of different shades within each color spectrum so that you don’t need to mix your products. It can save you time, but it won’t deliver the custom result that some artists want. If you limit yourself to about ten basic colors, you can create almost any tone.
Viscosity:This rating lets you decide if you’ll mimic watercolors or use something closer to oil techniques. It refers to the thickness you’ll receive, which can mean the difference between airbrushing the canvas or using your favorite brushes.
Size:You’ll find acrylic paints coming in tubes of various sizes. Having something bigger isn’t always better, so you’ll want to focus on finding the best quality you can afford with your current budget.

Once you’ve decided on the features you want in these categories, you’ll be ready to shop for a fantastic acrylic paint set that meets your needs.

What Are the Best Acrylic Paint Sets to Buy Today?

When you’re ready to start painting as a professional or as a student, these are the best acrylic paint sets to have so that you can get some positive results.

1. Winsor and Newton 10-Tube Set

If you’re a beginner who wants to start experimenting with this medium, you can’t beat the affordability you’ll find with this set. The pigment is remarkably smooth, making it feel like you’re working with oil-based products instead. It’s buttery underneath the brush, providing high-quality coverage while remaining forgiving with your strokes.

2. Blick Studio Acrylics

This brand is the oldest and largest art supplier still operating in the United States. Their premier line of acrylic paints is some of the best you can find today. If you prefer to save some money, consider grabbing a few tubes of your favorite hues in the student section. It provides excellent value across 60 different colors, offering the chance to create the textures you want before drying.

3. Golden Heavy Body Acrylics

When you want pro-grade acrylic paint to use at home, this set delivers an impressive result. You’ll need experience working with this medium before investing in this product, especially since the higher cost puts pressure on you not to make errors. The color tones are rich and robust, making it worth the investment. You’ll also get better coverage with this item.

4. Utrecht Artists’ Acrylic Kit

This Brooklyn-based company has over five decades of experience delivering artist acrylics in kits and sets. You’ll find products available in jars, gallons, or tubes! This product offers a little more than a dozen colors, a few brushes, plus a canvas that can help you start experimenting with your work. You can also select landscape, portrait, or color theory options to focus on something more specific.

5. Sennelier Abstract Acrylics

Instead of using tubes or jars to store the paint, this brand puts together kits that offer squeezable pouches. This design ensures that you have faster access to the color while understanding how much is still available in the transparent container.

When you want to paint, the best acrylic kits provide the supplies you need at an affordable price. They’re perfect for beginners or professional artists alike!

Time to Paint

Now that we got a list to choose from our best acrylics list let’s see where our imagination will take us on this journey!

P.S. We are waiting for your paintings in our Art section 😉

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